The Typing Coach Online Typing Course (A Review)


The Typing Coach Online Typing Course


The Typing Coach

Today, I will be reviewing The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach.  The course is intended to be used at a pace of a lesson per week, over ten weeks, which we followed. Although, at first, Kira’s pace ran a little over a week to master the first lessons.

Imagine if you will, for a moment, a teenager who loves to write books.  Now imagine said teenager hating to type.  It seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Especially in today’s digital age.  However, that is what I had on my hands! Kira would always cringe with her typing lessons.  I tried YEARS ago, first with Jumpstart, then with Elementary Advantage and Middle School Advantage.  No matter how I tried to help Kira, the connection was simply not being made. My Grandmother gave me my first typewriter when I was only 6 years old.  If memory serves, she purchased it at a garage sale.   As a daughter of a Word Processor, I learned typing quickly by watching my Mother when I would go to work with her.  Back then, the typewriters were simply gigantic! As time went on, the typewriters were replaced by computers. I loved to play on the computers at the law firm my Mother worked at, and pretended I was one of her employees!  I loved it so very much that I took typing courses in middle school and then business classes in high school. Unfortunately, my daughter did not share in my enthusiasm!

Then we received The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach! As with any subject Kira does not love, there was the initial anxiety.  The angstitude (My regular readers will recognize the term. For those of you who have not read my blog before, I make up words. They are easily discernible as a rule) had begun.

I imagine it comes from her father.   He even texts with one finger.  His typing….well…you can imagine.

Before giving up all hope and praying for technology to advance fast enough to predict our thoughts and virtually type them,  The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach provided just what Kira needed!

The course layout from the audio and the student packet to the leaning checks and test were just what did the trick for Kira to actually enjoy the learning process into typing.  She went from her angstitute to actually asking if she could do her typing lessons!!!

It was refreshing to watch Kira actually typing without looking down at the keyboard every millisecond and having BOTH hands placed properly on the keyboard!!!!

I asked Kira for her opinion on The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach.  She said, “It is an awesome program! One thing that I like about it is, with other programs I had to type what was on the screen and when I looked at the screen, I could also see the keyboard. In reality, I wasn’t actually learning the keys, I mean I could still see them after all! Whereas, with The Typing Coach Online Typing Course, what needed to be typed was off to the side, not directly on the screen, ensuring I memorize the keys and properly learn them.”

Kira and I both highly recommend  The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach. Whether young or old, this course is absolutely wonderful and can help the worst typing students become a typist!




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Nutrish Review

Stinky With Nutrish

When the box of Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Chicken with Lentils & Salmon Recipe box arrived for us to review and try from Influenster, my cats went NUTS!

Stinky and Choni


Stinky (black and white cat) was the first to examine the contents!

Stinky in box

I first gave the kitties small amounts as treats. They kept begging for more.

Both Stinky and Χιόνι absolutely love Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Chicken with Lentils & Salmon Recipe. We highly recommend it!


A Review of Home School in the Woods, History Through the Ages Project Passport

Home School In The Woods

Home School in the Woods is now one of my favorite history curriculum vendors!  I was thrilled to be able to review HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece .  This Project Passport is simply an amazing educational tool for home school families.  This unit contains 25 stops, each stop within this Passport Project has  a Guide Book Text to read on a topic, and a Travel Itinerary for project choices and directions. It includes all the “printables” your young learner will need to embark on this absolutely epic journey!

Just imagine your child visiting Sparta and Athens! From dining to postcards, it is quite the trip. I found myself as excited as Kira as I explored the lessons!

Ancient Greece Passport

We had so much fun reviewing this product that we now want to try HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt!

Kira has struggled with history.  Although she loves museums and visiting historical landmarks, when it came to reading her history books she became bored quickly.  Just when I thought having an avid reader was a benefit, I quickly realized not everything read would be enjoyed.  It became a mundane chore.  As she is now a teenager (How did this happen? I swear she was just born!),  I actually dreaded it. Then we reviewed Home School in the Woods.  Guys, this is AMAZING.  Kira is now excited and having fun learning history. Every day Kira would ask me when she could do more work on her Ancient Greece studies.  I must admit, I too was excited with this lesson.  It is always exciting to watch Kira learn, and actually enjoy learning!

It is hilarious because now Kira is teaching us. Her profound moment was answering a few Jeopardy questions.

Kira Passport

When I asked Kira what her favorite part of the Home School in the Woods  HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece  was, she replied, “I would have to say the interactive lessons. It seems the more I am interacting the more I am able to remember.”

Project Passport printables

The freedom to download and print lessons at the pace my daughter learns is absolutely wonderful. Once again I found myself learning right along with my daughter.  Kira’s favorite project was the columns. She would run to me as she completed each, beaming with pride!


It coincides perfectly with Kira’s fascination with Greek Mythology. Already having read the entire Percy Jackson series, Kira was more than excited to learn about Ancient Greece!


After home schooling Kira for 10 years now, (she started reading at 3 and expressed a desire to learn early) I have tried so very many curriculums. History has always been a struggle. Home School in the Woods has certainly eased the stress associated with history.

Home School In the woods

I look forward using their valuable materials throughout Kira’s education straight through to the 12th grade.

I wish I had learned about this site sooner. The resources are absolutely amazing. Kira and I highly recommend Home School in the Woods to every home school family.

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Review of the Yearly Membership




Today I am reviewing and their Yearly Membership.

Being a mother to an exceptionally smart 12 year old (Kira would quickly point out she is mere days away from being 13) requires that I must find as many educational resources as humanly possible to help me with her studies as a homeschool Mom!

The task of combing Barnes And Nobel can become quite frustrating as my daughter loves to read….the distractions from the educational section to the young adult books is seemingly never ending.

I have found an absolutely fantastic solution, !

I was thrilled to receive this free membership to review through the Homeschool Review Crew. I had been considering the membership for a while now.  As a new member, I was excited to receive the 2017 Annual Print Edition free! This is available to all new members who join prior to January 15th.

Where do I begin? My gosh…from building a customized schedule to guidance on what to teach when, the possibilities are virtually limitless.  When I first began reading, I feared that it would be information overload. I quickly realized it would make my entire homeschool process easier than it has ever been!


The freedom to download and print lessons at the pace my daughter learns is absolutely wonderful. And the lessons are completely inclusive.  I found myself learning right along with my daughter.  We are especially fond of the check list each lesson contains to help us maintain progress.  There are even certificates of completion and final course in Applecore available.  And all is set by your pace.

From preschool to the 12th grade. Every subject imaginable. Full lesson plans as well as videos and tutorials.

My daughter dove in head first.  Even though KIra was technically still on a holiday break, she was eager to explore.  It was no big surprise when my budding artist/architect chose Classical Archaeology. Perhaps the biggest sign that my daughter is enjoying what she is learning is when she tries to teach me.  I believe that not four minutes of silence would pass without her telling me something new and fascinating. To watch Kira delight as she was actually learning is extremely rewarding for me personally.  Even when she had to draw a once dreaded map…..   Years ago I used another curriculum  (which shall remain nameless for the moment) that required Kira drawing maps. Many maps.  It became the absolute worst part of her studies quite honestly.  Although she has never thrown a tantrum, these maps have brought her close to doing so previously. Within as much when Kira mentioned having to draw a map I gasped.  I immediately tensed up for fear she would be upset.  Much to my surprise it was the opposite! There was my daughter drawing her map and giggling and ENJOYING her lesson.  Small victory! This in itself makes me absolutely recommend and the Yearly Membership to all homeschool families.

Personally I imagine I will more than likely continue to use throughout Kira’s education straight through to the 12th grade. I only regret not using this sooner and am already amidst letting her used the lessons beneath her current grade as there is more here than I previously had used!





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Review Of Appalachian Trail Unit Study

Applachian Unit Review

Today I am reviewing The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Appalachian Trail Unit Study.  There are so many wonderful units to chose from.  Picking one to start is not easy! You can find this unit as well as many others here-

My daughter, Kira, personally chose The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Appalachian Trail Unit Study.   Click here to view the unit.  Always a nature lover, it certainly came as no surprise to me that she did! I must admit that I ,too, was quite excited to teach (and yes even learn) this lesson with her! I like allowing her input on all of our educational materials. This helps create an environment that seems less forced.  I have found that Kira learns more when she feels she has some control with each lesson.

The Appalachian Trail: A Unit Study certainly has not disappointed us!

Before we began I let my daughter read the unit.  I could sense her excitement immediately.  I must tell you, nothing makes me happier than when Kira is eager to learn.  Giddy with excitement she said to me, “Mommy, we have to go to the library!”  The library has become our home away from home.  Since the age of 3 (she is now 12), Kira has loved going to the library.  It is routine for us to return with at least a dozen books for her.  Her love of reading is inspiring.

Before even beginning the unit itself the teaching began.  At the library Kira had to use her Dewey Decimal System knowledge. With a bit of assistance from the librarian, we quickly found a few titles for Kira to use with the unit.

As Kira read her library books, I read the unit.  I found myself learning as I went along! The unit was absolutely more than I had ever anticipated, actually.  A wealth of information in one unit. I found myself bragging to a few friends who also home school. All before Kira even actually began using it!

Once Kira was ready I let her begin. Then……it…..happened………….SILENCE! She was so enthralled that you could hear a pin drop!

Appalachian Trail Kira Study

This unit is absolutely thorough and complete.  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Appalachian Trail Unit Study touched on each subject we currently are using which gave us extra lessons as well. The lesson also fell right in with our Fall studies of American Indians!

I absolutely recommend this to every home school parent. The only trouble Kira had was navigating links, which I quickly sorted for her.

Kira said that she is learning quite a bit and that she found this lesson extremely fun.  She also has informed us that she is ready to walk at least part of the trail.

Here is a sample from the unit that Kira has done.  If you are a fan of crossword puzzles (I know I am) you might enjoy this one!



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