Memoria Press, First Form Latin (A Review)

Memoria Press

First Form Latin


Today I will be reviewing First Form Latin Complete Set from  Memoria Press.

When Kira first learned she would be studying Latin this year, she squealed with joy! But when Kira then learned it would be through Memoria Press, she could barely contain herself.  Kira loved when we reviewed the Illiad And Odyssey Complete Set from, Memoria Press last year.

As you can clearly see, Kira was very excited when the package from Memoria Press arrived!!!

It was no surprise to be completely impressed with the contents of the box! This First Form Latin Complete Set is truly COMPLETE!

And as with all boxes which enter into our household, the Memoria Press First Form Latin Complete Set box was warmly received by our cat, χιόνι. Although his name may be Snow in Greek, it certainly seemed as though he was more interested in learning Latin!

I am lucky in that Kira is one of those amazing children who actually love to learn.  My little sponge tries to absorb all she can, every where that she is able to.  At first, I had trepidation, as Kira has been studying both Spanish and Greek. I feared introducing a third language might cause confusion. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Kira expressed how much fun she has been having learning Latin with Memoria Press and First Form Latin!

Although every homeschool style and schedule is different, we do language studies daily. Kira opted to do her language lessons first thing each day. This typically will only take an hour to two hours per day. Typically every lesson incorporates new words, which, of course, are on flash cards to study and learn.  Here is perhaps our most fun part! This is where we get my husband to participate! Now, let me just say, this man has one wicked sense of humor.  Despite the fact we have the pronunciation CD that comes with the First Form Latin Complete Set, my husband decided he would pronounce things his way. This truly made for comical review sessions each day! Each evening, just prior to dinner, Chuck would grab the cards and review them with Kira.  And each time, Kira would correct his atrociously hilarious pronunciations thereof!

In hindsight, I should have perhaps made a video of this hilarious daily exchange. It made my night, every day!

Memoria Press and First Form Latin make learning Latin a breeze.  Kira has not complained once.  In fact, she actually has been bragging about how much she has learned and how much she is enjoying learning Latin!







Presently, Kira is pleasantly proud of all she has accomplished thus far with what she has learned while using the Memoria Press First Form Latin Complete Set.  Kira found it fascinating how many of our own words are derived from Latin. Kira has stated it will help her more in her language lessons in the future as well.


The  Memoria Press First Form Latin Complete Set comes with;

Student Text – A beautiful book to accompany the workbook, full of everything your child needs to complete his/her lessons. Kira loves that it includes historical Latin phrases as well as the origins of these phrases.

Student Workbook – This workbook contains approximately 4-6 pages of exercises per lesson. The lessons are laid out in a way to ensure your student learns. Kira says her favorite part of the work book is translating the Latin sentences into English, and diagraming the Latin sentences.

Quizzes And Tests Book- This will help enforce your child’s learning and comprehension. Kira expressed that the tests and quizzes ensure she is mastering the lessons, and said they are challenging but not impossible.

A Pronunciation CD – Comprehensive CD containing all of the vocabulary and grammar within each lesson. This is a brilliant way to be sure you are actually saying everything right!

Flashcards – These contain all of the forms, vocabulary and phrases for each lesson. We had way too much fun with these every evening. Upon reaching her last set of cards, Kira was in shock that she was at the end of the set.  I think she has enjoyed the cards the most. Especially the special interaction time with her hilarious father!

DVD – Set of 3 Discs featuring former Highlands Latin School teacher Glen Moore. We cannot rave enough about the DVDs.  These are absolutely fabulous.

The Teacher Key- This will help you grade all quizzes and tests.

Teacher Manual – A comprehensive manual to make teaching not only easy, but incredibly fun!

We highly recommend Memoria Press First Form Latin Complete Set for all who are interested in studying and learning Latin.  We already are preparing to get Kira Second Form Latin next!





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Homeschool Diploma, 8th Grade Diploma (A review)

Homeschool Diploma

8th Grade Diploma


This is a review of an 8th Grade Diploma  from  Homeschool Diploma. A wonderful company which provides all of your graduation needs.

Homeschooling your child is an incredibly rewarding job. There is nothing better than taking assessment tests at the end of each year and seeing that your child has successfully progressed to the next grade.  Honoring their achievements of hard work and studying throughout the year is easier with the incredible products available from Homeschool Diploma!

With each grade, the feeling becomes all the more bittersweet, as you begin to realize your bundle of joy is growing up and will most likely leave the nest. As my daughter turned 14 it hit me: she will be an adult in 4 short years.  When I say it hit me, I mean it hit me like a two ton load of bricks.  I am nowhere near ready for my “baby” to be an adult.  I have not had enough time with her. Granted, I have spent every single day of her life with her, but for one when she was in the NICU, and I was in recovery when she was born.  The longest we have ever been apart was when she was an infant and had hernia surgery, and the hospital refused to let me sleep in her room with her. I sense a separation anxiety meltdown for me in my near future. Being a parent becomes your identity, I suppose, at least in your mind. I cannot imagine waking up and not seeing my daughter’s beautiful face.  All that aside, and before my tears keep me from typing, there is also a beautiful aspect to your children growing up.  Marking the accomplishments of all of their hard work!

I only wish I had known about Homeschool Diploma sooner! I was amazed to see how much their site offers! They even have graduation products for kindergarteners!!! I always felt that Kira missed out on that special ceremony celebrating the achievement of progressing to the next level of her education. I remember we purchased silly decorations and planned a little party, but that never did happen. Had I known about Homeschool Diploma back then, things certainly would have gone differently.

Just look at the precious diploma and the adorable caps and gowns they have!!!!!!!!!!

I could sit and regret not knowing, or instead be grateful and realize that we are now able to celebrate with an open heart and embrace all we do have.

While browsing the Homeschool Diploma website and preparing our order for Kira’s 8th Grade Diploma , I was simply in awe at the wonderful selection of products available.  From announcements, to gifts, and everything in between!

Speaking of ordering Kira’s  8th Grade Diploma , the process was SO EASY! The form was clear and concise.  The options are wonderful. From the inscriptions to the wording, and even the case design. From the name of your school to the seal, everything is completely customizable to suit your homeschool desires!

Unfortunately, we had already ordered a cap and gown elsewhere.  As I browsed the Homeschool Diploma website, I saw the cap and gown section! My jaw hit the floor; their prices are MUCH cheaper than the others. I am grateful to learn this now, as in just a few short years Kira will be graduating High School.  We will be purchasing EVERYTHING from Homeschool Diploma when Kira graduates High School!

I was extremely impressed with not only how absolutely beautiful the Eighth Grade or Junior High School Diploma with 7″ x 9″ Deluxe Cover looked, but also with how quickly it arrived after we ordered it! The package arrived in a matter of 3 days!

We highly recommend  Homeschool Diploma  for all of your graduation needs!

I cannot express how excited I am to know I can now purchase absolutely everything I need from Homeschool Diploma for Kira when she graduated High School in just for short years!

Look how proud Kira was to receive her  8th Grade Diploma !









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In Light of Recent Events

Debating issues and what changes are needed is not bringing change about. It has not yet.

I respect your opinions whether I agree with them or not.

There is a reason why we must, as parents, be diligent and pay attention to our children. The internet has a side YOU as an adult have most likely never even heard of. I can guarantee you most 12 year olds know way more about the dark net than you do.

Even the best parenting can be undone by the internet.
Even the sweetest of children can succumb to peer pressure or bullying.

I will not say spanking is needed. I will not bring up guns. I will not address mental health issues. I will not say prayers are needed in school.

The arguing back and forth is solving nothing other than to share opinions. This is not action. And I see in the comments of these opinions being shared how adults act like social bullies. Now imagine a young, undeveloped mind experiencing this behavior.

Pay attention.

And remember these faces and these names each time you decide to allow your children to go on line.

7 year olds with cell phones…in Toys R Us, playing on the phone and not the toys…….😳

I know this is hypocritical but perhaps us all posting and debating less on line and setting the example by actually spending more time with our children is one small way to bring about the change?

By the way Kira read this and pointed out a few grammatical errors for me. 

Returning From Holiday

There is nothing that can compare to a beautiful vacation aboard a cruise ship.  Sailing has always been my preferred method of travel.  In fact, I have not even been on a plane in over 30 years. If I had my druthers, I would live on a yacht as opposed to being on land. There is something so tranquil and calming that the ebb and flow the ocean provides. It can rock me to sleep like a mother gently rocking a cradle.  The beautiful salt air from the sea soothes my soul. It would seem for me, the roughest days I have experienced at sea were still more relaxing than the calmest of days on land.  Let me not forget to mention the glorious sunrises and sunsets at sea.  The horizon unfiltered by the congestion of buildings and clutter of man….simply stunning.

sunset at sea

Granted, planning a vacation at sea can be a bit nerve wrecking at times. Especially when hurricanes are involved. Last year’s hurricanes devastated many of the ports which cruise lines frequent.  Several of our cruise ports were shifted.  For me, this is honestly not a matter; I feel worse for those who have suffered living at the regions affected, and find it incredibly selfish when those who are vacationing complain about not being able to travel to these destinations.  A vacation is a vacation, regardless of where you go. This was the second time I had a plan to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico that was altered due to a hurricane.  The last time was in ’98. Eventually,  I will visit Puerto Rico.  In the interim, however, I am praying for those who live there and the horror they have experienced after the devastating effects of the 2017 hurricane season.  And to the passengers who insist on complaining,  I offer you this; imagine, for a moment,  that you were on the ship during the hurricane.  Redirection of ports is not that horrible, it is inevitable.  Nature happens.


In all of my years of cruising, and there are many, I must say NCL is by far the best cruise line I have ever been blessed to sail on.  They have, what I believe to be, the friendliest and most talented of staff. NCL’s crew always make us feel like family.  Being an OCD neat freak, I must add that NCL is also the cleanest line.  A spec of dust cannot be found! NCL has become our preferred choice for sailing for 14 years now. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone who is considering a vacation at sea.  I realize have had been a little bit annoyed at times with the experience as a Latitudes member, (example is our cruise this past Thanksgiving, article click  here)  however, overall no other line comes even close to the wonderful vacationing experience NCL provides.


Now, some may say my daughter is pampered.  I mean, how many 14 year olds can tout that they have taken fourteen 7-14 day cruises in their life time? We have incorporated these cruises into Kira’s home school lessons, however! Each port has a rich history.  Even the ship provides education.  We loved Kira’s questioning the knots to miles conversion! There is a learning opportunity everywhere you look.


horses aruba

aruba horses2From the significance of Horses in Aruba………


truman key west

the impact Truman had on Key West, Florida….


to the relations of the United States of America and The Cayman Islands!

cayman 2

Not to say that we did not manage to have a little bit of fun amidst Kira’s cultural/historical and artistic educational experience.  After all, the entire point behind this specific holiday was the celebration of our little girl turning 14!!!

bday decor

kira bday cake

And NCL helped us by having our cabin fully decorated with cake ready when we first arrived!!

We had a glorious 11 days at sea in celebration of Kira’s turning 14.  The only down side was we are all sick now.  Evidently, someone on board (actually several someones) were ill.  Upon our arrival to land, we all fell ill.  Kira’s fever finally broke at 102.4 the other late evening/early morning.  I, myself, have been in bed non-stop. We feel a bit miserable, but it is quite worth our epic adventure.  After all, without the bad, how can you truly appreciate the good?? I finally felt able to move to my computer and try to post. I have managed to fall quite behind on things in my illness stupor!

There is a big artistic significance behind this vacation as well.  I will for now, however, leave that for a separate post.


Happy New Year

New Year 2018

Happy New Year!!!

Wishing you all good health, happiness, and love throughout this new year.

We are beginning our final review of 8th grade and beginning 9th grade here.  Someone please tell me how that is possible. How is my baby turning 14? I swear to you, she was just born.

Kira has been studying hard for her final exams.  Presently she is right proud about her B+ average, as am I.

We look forward to the wonderment that the forthcoming  high school curriculum provides. Although I must admit, it seems scary to even think my little girl is starting high school and beginning college prep.

Amidst Kira’s final testing and preparing for high school, I am illustrating a few children’s books and negotiating possible work on illustrating a young adult story.  We are also leaving the country for a bit to celebrate Kira’s birthday.

It is extremely hectic here now.

I look forward to sharing our year with you throughout 2018.

Happy Educating!

No-Nonsense Algebra From Math Essentials (A Review)

No-Nonsense Algebra


Math Essentials


Today, I am reviewing No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials.

Kira has always been a bit behind when it came to math.  Much like me, Kira tends to excel in English/Creative Writing, and math seems to always be a little bit harder.  This year, starting 8th grade, has changed that.  We were excited to receive No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials. It was wonderful to know it included video lessons taught by Richard W. Fisher.

With the curriculum I have set in place for Kira’s 8th grade lesson plan, we had Pre-Algebra set as the level Kira was ready to move forward with.  She also has been using online aides, and is well past pre-Algebra, and is amidst Algebra I. I knew that  No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials would be the perfect supplement to help affirm her lesson plans, and only strengthen Kira’s math skills.

The minute No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials arrived, Kira began to read it.  Mind you, this was after her school day had finished,  (Her father brings the mail in each day when he comes home) when she is normally reading for fun or, most likely, drawing. At first glance, Kira was EXTREMELY nervous. Kira expressed that these were all similar to the previous math problems that she was struggling with.  Nonetheless, Kira was excited for the opportunity to unlock the mystery that was Algebra!

We scheduled No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials into our daily lesson plan, as a supplement to the Pre-Algebra, as well as Kira’s online math lessons.

Each day, without fail, Kira went for the No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials first. This is always a good sign.  Kira set a personal goal of two lessons per day.  Mind you, I have a very lax homeschool style.  I do not force more than what is required legally, but Kira, however, sets personal goals. Providing they are never unrealistic, we allow her to do so.  It was wonderful to also know that it included video lessons taught by Richard W. Fisher.  However, Kira never needed to use them!

As of right now, Kira is up to lesson four of chapter four within  No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials.  Kira has expressed how excited she was to finally take end of chapter reviews and actually get all of the answers correct.  Compared to previously, this was quite an accomplishment and had helped build Kira’s own confidence in math!

The simple fact that  No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials  along with the video lessons taught by Richard W. Fisher, iterating that the student should work through each example on their own, is what made the difference for Kira.  Never before had any of our lesson plans suggested this.  I personally had never even thought of it myself.

Now, Kira says that math is fun, and getting easier for her! Her improved test scores throughout her regularly scheduled lesson plans serve as proof that No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials was the perfect supplement!


Kira and I both highly recommend No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials to any child struggling with math!






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Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 2 From Greek ‘n’ Stuff (A Review)


Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 2 


Greek ‘n’ Stuff




Today, I will be reviewing, Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 2 from Greek ‘n’ Stuff.

We were extremely excited to be a part of reviewing this product! The most Greek we knew was the word χιόνι (Snow) which is the name of one of our cats! Okay, so why did I name our white cat Snow, seems like a silly question, but why Greek? Well, that question is easy, I have been in love with everything Greek since I was a small child.  I have passed this love down to my daughter as well! We are so blessed to live a stones-throw away (55 minute drive) from a lovely Greek community. One of our favorite pastimes is driving down there to enjoy a Greek dinner.

Kira was elated when her package arrived from  Greek ‘n’ StuffThe package contained the worktext book, the CD, the answer key and the flashcards, (which are in the worktext book) normally, the lesson is two letters per day at first, but as Kira is older, we did four letters per day.  There is a quiz available on the  Greek ‘n’ Stuff website to help you determine which level is best to start out with.  As Kira knew virtually nothing, we opted for  Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 2.

The pace is easy to follow with one page a day.  30 lessons are included.  There are wonderful flashcards which Kira had an absolute blast memorizing.  This time, Kira decided to include her father in on the fun.  It became an evening routine.  Every night when he came home, before dinner Kira would hand him her flash cards and let him test her.  I think he, too, was learning some Greek! Kira says the repetition of the cards helped her immensely.

Each lesson is clear and concise.  Kira enjoyed herself immensely, learning a little more Greek each day!

There, thankfully, is a pronunciation CD.  Although the book does provide a phonic spelling, I still recommend the CD.

Now, Kira loves learning, especially a new language.  She has been studying Spanish for a few years now.  Within as much, I knew she would not have an issue trying to learn another language.  When I asked Kira about Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 2 from Greek ‘n’ Stuff, she boasted how much easier this lesson was compared to her other language lessons.  She touted that an actual text book as opposed to a strictly auditory lesson makes a world of difference.

Although Kira is certainly not ready for us to take that 55 minute drive and order her dinner completely in Greek just yet, she certainly is learning more Greek than I had ever imagined.  The fact that her father has helped is also an extra big bonus for me!

I look forward to getting Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 3 Set next.

Both Kira and I highly recommend Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 2 from Greek ‘n’ Stuff. This wonderful program will have your child speaking Greek in no time!


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