For The Love of Earth


Instead of talking only about myself and my art, this time I would like to remind everyone that today is World Environment Day. There is a wonderful website designed for it, which I highly recommend everyone read and join.

As far as I know, right now our environment is the only one we have.  I would like to believe my great-grandchildren will be able to enjoy it, and all it has to offer. That, of course, is up to us to ensure.  Little changes we make can make a big difference.  Recycling is easier than most people think.  It becomes a habit.

I took the above photograph while visiting the Cedar Lake Gardens Festival in Williston, Florida a short time ago. It is a photographer’s dream! I was not able to capture all of the moments I wanted to, as it was extremely crowded for the festival.  I look forward to a return visit soon. This fella was the only animal on display, I am assuming as a guest.  Spartacus, an  African Spurred Tortoise, was quite large. Why did I choose him for this post? Well, you see, this environment of ours affects not only us.  The wildlife around us all call this home too. It truly is our responsibility to make smart choices. This world of ours is absolutely beautiful, as are all of its inhabitants.  Whether you believe in global warming or not, taking care of this planet and all she provides is essential. You would not let your home fall apart….why would you let your planet?


Friendly Dragonfly

dragonfly1 dragonfly3 dragonfly4

While at a children’s birthday party recently I happened to encounter the friendliest of dragon flies!

Amidst photographing the party, I took a break to capture him.

He willingly climbed up onto my husband’s finger and stayed there for quite some time as he paraded him around to the children!



I am still trying to work around the autofocus built into my Nikon L810.

Although 90% are blurry I have learned to be patient.

Recently I was lucky to have a dragonfly who decided to pose. I mean really pose.  I managed to capture five shots of him in various angles.  I do believe  he was a ham!

Although my camera is as unprofessional as they come, I am slowly learning to adjust my brain to its lacking ability to fine tune shutter speed and focus and learning to just keep trying.

Thankfully my garden has many subject for me to practice on!!