I would like you to meet Abbey. Abbey is the title character of a children’s fairytale book, where I am both the illustrator and the author! After years of illustrating for others, I have decided to work on the manuscripts I have had for years just gathering dust. Stay tuned for more!¬†ūüďö¬†ūü鮬†ūüďö¬†ūüé®


The Fairies of June

The Fairy and the Sprite


The Sprite and the Fairy 

Disney Fan Art

Drawn for one of my best friend’s birthday.

I think fairies may be my absolute favorite subject to draw.  I have always admired art that contained them. I do believe I have more art that I have done containing fairies than anything else.

If you like my art and would like to commission me or purchase any of my original  work please visit my website at


*fan art is never for sale


The Digital Art

It has been a slower month for me, digitally speaking.¬† As I am doing illustrations for an upcoming children’s book, I am drawing digitally less. (See previous post explaining more here)

I was however compelled to do a few honoring Easter.  Hardly in the traditional sense of course.  As when do I ever do anything traditionally?

Here are some of the digital creations.  An Egg theme throughout.

I hope you all had a beautiful, blessed Easter!!

Organic Art Month

I am amidst illustrating another children’s book.¬† Within as much, I am drawing virtually NON stop digitally. It seems I have a substantial need to balance my creativity.¬† When ever I am doing a lot of digital art I tend to offset it by then doing an equal amount of organic art. Or, at least as much as my ever failing hands will allow. Here are a few of the organic pieces I have created this month. I tend to fair better as an illustrator when I let the artist within come out.



Quick fairy sketch after a long day of highly detailed digital illustrations.
Chalk Pastels, Easter Bunny Baby
Oil Pastels Deer
Late night quick graphite doodle of a Horse
Acrylic on canvas, Peacock



Acrylic on wood, Turtle
Acrylic on Mini Canvas


Acrylic on gesso

Enchanted Twilight (Series) 2

I have completed a few more to add to the Enchanted Twilight series.

I imagine I will be able to focus more on my art as I have come to realize my employers focus more on their needs than work. In turn, I am following suit. I have essentially put my own needs career wise on hold and was focusing on other’s needs. I was enlightened today by some very rude remarks.

As I am losing my sight and the use of my hands, I shall no focus on what I need and what my family needs and not put¬†someone else’s¬†needs before ours.

Twilight’s Blossom
Tropical Twilight
Twilight Love
Twilight Love
Twilight Wisher

Twilight Enchantment (Series)

Precious Twilight

Amidst recovering from eye surgery, and after just completing Twilight Sparkles, I decided I wanted to try to do a new series.

I was a bit disappointed, with Twilight Sparkles, it started out better than it ended up.  I had spent too little time on the background and the details.

When I started Precious Twilight, I decided to take my time and let myself be patient. I also decided to finish it that day. I have found if I leave a piece to be completed later I end up not putting the detail and effort needed into it. Within as much, I was up until well past 2 AM completing my child fairy!

Between my eye recovery and running between doctor appointments, there seems to be little time for my personal art lately.

I am hopeful that my Twilight Enchantment series will be all I am expecting it to be. I am pleased with the way Precious Twilight turned out. Of course, she is far from perfect, but it was nice to not feel disappointed with her.

February Art

I have not had ample time to create as much as I would like this month between my eyes and running to appointments. I am hoping to settle down and get more work done. I have started a chameleon with my beautiful new Chameleon pens and have several digital art pieces I want to do as well as some sculpting and painting.  I wish I had more hours in the day to do all I would like.  Here are some of what I have started this month;

happy vdayA quick Valentine doodle drawn on my iPad using Sketchclub

garden-naptimeGarden Naptime, drawn on Nintendo 3DS using the Colors! app. To watch the progression video please visit my gallery


Little Ailerons, drawn on my iPad Pro using the Procreate app


Chameleon sketch, using my new Chameleon pens…unfinished of course.

Last but not least, Twilight Sparkles. Drawn on my iPad Pro using the Procreate app.

Twilight Sparkles