When Work Calls…

Have you ever heard of illustrator’s block? Well, evidently it does exist. And I had it.  Now, normally, this would not be a big issue, as I tend to always work ahead of pace and schedule. However, this time is was causing problems. I am already behind on the book I have been illustrating.  When I say behind, I mean MONTHS behind. Between eye surgery and my boss throwing whammies at me non stop, I managed to fall drastically behind on everything.

As I absolutely adore this author, I was gutted.  I was doing everything I could to seek inspiration.  Even the Magic Kingdom seemed to fall short of vanquishing the dreaded block. I decided, in an effort to save time, to start formatting the book.  You may or may not know, I do it all.  I illustrate, edit, format and create all social marketing for the books I do with Fox Tots….that is on top of running Fox Tots as the chief illustrator and C.O.O.

This was it! Formatting was just what I had needed to do.  I was stuck at illustration number 23.  A typical book will contain at least 32. As I began adding the text to my drawings, it was as if a light bulb went off.  Suddenly I felt inspired.  More so than when I even began first illustrating. Now I am excited again and cannot wait to complete this project!

formatting books
A look into the formatting of My Trip To The Library. Written by Barbara Poor

The City Of Ho Hum

city of ho hum available now

That is right! The City Of Ho Hum written by Penny Estelle is now available!!!

This is the second book I have had the pleasure of illustrating, formatting and editing for Penny Estelle thanks to Fox Tots Books!!! I absolutely LOVE Penny’s imagination.  This story is sure to be a big hit.  The City Of Ho Hum is a delightful tale to spark the imagination of readers young and old.

The City of Ho Hum is a magical place. Only the luckiest of children are able to find their way to Ho Hum. Will you be one of the lucky ones? The things you see will make your eyes POP! Take your own trip to Ho Hum and have the adventure of a lifetime! Shut your eyes, take a deep breath, open this book, and you are on your way!

I absolutely loved creating the artwork for this precious picture book. The timely release is perfect and is sure to add extra smiles to your holiday gift giving. Presently available for purchase here and releasing soon to Amazon.

Tiny Paws

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Autumn. Remember to read!!! Here is the summer edition of Tiny Paws, a magazine I am the sole creator of for Fox Tots books! You do not need to have DropBox to download your own free copy! When the sign in pops up simply click or tap on “No thanks, continue to view” You are then able to view/download! It is packed with goodies and printables for the little ones!

Click the Tiny Paws edition picture below to be redirected to download or simply copy and paste https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8zx1z2xscayl36/Tiny%20Paws%20Magazine%20October%202016.pdf?dl=0 into your browser for your free copy today!

I have been quite busy lately.  Obviously I have been working on the Tiny Paws magazine. I have also been drawing the characters for the upcoming graphic novel, Origins. I am also amidst promoting the release of The Girl With The Curly Red Hair by Barbara Poor, which releases in just 3 short days!!! I have just completed all work on the upcoming release, The City Of Ho Hum written by Penny Estelle.

I have of course been promoting all the other titles as well. This really has not left time for much else. I am quite looking forward to a break in December!

Tiny Paws

My Website Is Up

iPhone-Mockup-PSD laptop my screen website

I finally have managed to set up my website. It is far from perfect but I am pleased with it. I hope to tweak it up and learn all the ins and outs soon!!!! Have a look http://alysathena.com/

Hippopotamus Is Now Available!

cover front

I am very excited to announce that Hippopotamus, written by the wonderfully creative Madeleine McLaughlin and illustrated by yours truly is now available on Amazon for purchase.  Click here to see!

What Is New

I was up until the wee hours yesterday completing the final details of The Girl With The Curly Red Hair. I somehow managed to not only finish the 32+ illustrations {Those I have been working on for quite some time now but finalized yesterday.} but also created the cover, formatted the book, edited it, and sent it to the printers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind you all the while suffering what I believe to be a summer cold! Perhaps I work better when I am sick?

Next I shall begin creating all advertising and social media banners for the book as well as the trailer.

Amidst that ad campaign and the campaigns for the other books I have worked on, I am now working on a new cover for a delightful author, Barnabas Herbert As I continue working on a children’s book series with our author/editor Adam M. Scott of Gnome On Pig Productions.