May The Fourth Be With You

Growing up as the original Star Wars generation is simply wonderful. Not only did I get the best movie and toys ever growing up, but I now also get to experience it all over again with my own child!

When Kira expressed her love for Star Wars, I squealed with excitement.  The geekiness had indeed been passed down to my young Jedi offspring!

There has to be something said about the way it feels to watch the return of Star Wars to the big screen, (Yes, I know there have been many prequels, sequels and everything you can possibly imagine in between) and having your child watch it with you.  What made the experience of watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens all the more special was the fact we watched it at the drive-in! This added to my sentimental nostalgia.

Kira as Princess Leia. Halloween 2015
Kira as Princess Leia. Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

Before the movie even had been seen, Kira decided she wanted to be Princess Leia.  Thankfully, she already had the hair for the costume! Being an exceptionally tall child made finding a costume difficult, however. The solution came in an oversized sweatshirt/hoodie! I was amazed that this little costume, which was thrown together, virtually last minute, was a hit. Kira loved it.

Chew and Kira

Flash forward to Kira’s 13th Birthday.  Guess who she wanted to spend it with? That’s right, Star Wars.  A week in the Magic Kingdom it was.

From Storm Troopers to R2D2 and C3PO, we were in heaven!








I this year even had lesson plans to celebrate Star Wars Day! I know, silly but fun!! You really should visit this website;

Kira colored BB8

BB8 is perhaps my new favorite character. I was extremely lucky this Christmas and received a rc BB8.  He is the sweetest little thing ever, and drives our cats nuts!

In honor of Star Wars day, I also decided to push my neuropathy ridden, arthritic hands, and fibromyalgia ridden body, failing eye sight, and glaucoma eyes to their limits and paint a teeny tiny 2×2 acrylic Yoda!

Paint Yoda I Must
Progress shots

So, as you can see….this is somewhat of a family holiday. We embrace the force.  We also wish you all a very happy Star Wars day! May the force be with you all!!!


Works In Progress….

Last post of the day, promise….



I am behind on everything so I am late in getting these little coffins complete. I actually planned on making these last year and ran out of time. Within as much, last night as I was cooking dinner and doing laundry I decided to attempt multitasking….I only made it this far. I am hoping to finish painting the top and sides later this evening. I have not decided if I will use felt to line the inside or not.  I will be wood burning a few coffins as well, time permitting.

I also have a huge sugar skull that needs finishing. Again, I started this one last year.


Unless I manage to squeeze 12 more hours into a day I doubt I will ever finish some of my projects!

Futile Attempt

IMG_3634 IMG_3635 - Copy

Futile attempt to wood burn a dragon. I think he looks more like an odd rendition of Godzilla personally. Nonetheless, I actually enjoyed doing this piece.  Eventually I may finish it.  I have to paint the trim and then add a glass coating for him to be finished.  I absolutely love the smell of wood being sanded and wood being burned. This relaxed me greatly…perhaps too much so as the dragon looks..well…odd LOL!


Colorful Fingers

File Mar 25, 10 26 55 AMThere simply is nothing quite like the feel of acrylic paints all over your fingers….As of late I was immersed in digital art and all but forgot how much I absolutely love organic mediums. In starting this piece I kept finding reasons to paint more…..So many that now I have decided both sides will be painted.  Although it certainly takes longer, I believe actual organic painting (as opposed to digital art) promotes creativity….well at least with me. I have to come up with creative ways to make my mistakes look incorporated! With neuropathy, arthritis and fibromyalgia I do not get as much opportunity to hold a paint brush as I would like…..the digital ‘undo’ eases erase time and repaint time that organic mediums require. I must admit though, even with the pain, I love painting. I have my next  project lined up when I finish this one……I think I may do a wood burned piece. It has been over a year since my last!