For more about Elizabeth visit her website here Elizabeth Eichelberger Art ©

A stay at home Mom who home schools while working around the clock as the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Illustrator of a global production company amidst fulfilling commissions as a freelance artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

Although organic/ traditional art is what Elizabeth loves doing most, as she grew older her health made holding pencils and paintbrushes increasingly difficult. 

Neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, glaucoma, and retinopathy forced Elizabeth to give-in and try Digital Art. 

As with every other medium she previously tried she absolutely loved digital art and dove in head first!

From manipulating graphic designs and making desktop wallpapers to hand creating her own digital art to decorating cell phone backgrounds, Elizabeth was hooked.

Elizabeth has illustrated several published children’s stories, ( to purchase click here

At present Elizabeth is amidst illustrating/editing and formatting several new books with more adventures on the horizon! From logo designs, to formatting, editing and illustrating children’s books and even creating book trailers!

Elizabeth quite literally is drawing virtually all of the time. If you would like to keep up to date with all she does, feel free to follow her other blog here on Blogger. 

Elizabeth also loves creating videos to share her art process, if you would like to watch these you can subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

No matter the time of day, if Elizabeth is not sleeping, chances are likely she is working on art.

Although she tries to update her blogs as often as she is able sometimes she is a bit too busy….for the most recent updates always check her Facebook page here

A proud mother of one, who loves to boast that her daughter has more than surpassed her own skill level artistically when she was the same age.

Elizabeth enjoys her days homeschooling teaching her daughter while drawing her next collaboration or simply sketching for fun.


Elizabeth is also accepting commissions. For inquiries email alysathena@gmail.com

What is in a name? *Alysathena*

If you use Google or Bing, search Alysathena under their images tab and you will see Elizabeth’s art.

‘What is this name?’ you might ask….

Well…..before Google, Bing and the WWW there were BBS communities.

Elizabeth always loved computers and as a child and teenager was using BBS sites. She developed the screen name “Alysathena” as her user name for these sites.  It is a combination of  Athena and Lysa. (Lysa being a nickname from school). It is an absolutely original creation and has now even been used by some other company for a ‘doll’s’ name…this of course was without permission. Elizabeth uses this screen name for virtually everything even now, over 20 years later.

How is it pronounced? A-Lisa_Thee-Nuh



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