Christian Heroes: Then & Now – C.S. Lewis From YWAM Publishing (A Review)


Christian Heroes- C.S. Lewis


YWAM Publishing


Today I will be reviewing Christian Heroes- C.S. Lewis from YWAM Publishing. It is from their Christian Heroes Then And Now Series.  Kira was extremely excited to begin this lesson! She is a big fan of C.S. Lewis.  The Chronicles of Narnia is among her favorite collections of series. It was no surprise to see her dive straight into the book when it arrived!

You will also note that Kira has the study guide open on our desktop as she was reading. I cannot tell you adequately enough how amazing the study guide is!

The included incredible study guide contains everything you need! I was simply amazed at all there is! The unit study curriculum guide is absolutely incredible. Kira loves it too. I can print it out or leave it on the computer, which is especially nice as we share the computer.  I could conceivable plan a year’s worth of lessons with this guide!  It is, simply put, INCREDIBLE! From key bible verses to memorize, to chapter questions, and everything in between. Kira loved the student activities!

Kira has a folder designated specifically for  Christian Heroes- C.S. Lewis from YWAM Publishing! Above she is working on maps of the United Kingdom and a map of Europe. At one point, Kira had her globe out and was searching; amidst this, she expressed how much she was enjoying these lessons. The activities with the maps alone are phenomenal!

Perhaps one of the best parts, for me personally, was when Kira mentioned she had many theological questions that reading  Christian Heroes- C.S. Lewis from YWAM Publishing brought to mind.  Any home school parent will tell you, a curious child is a learning child! My beautiful teenager had a full page of questions ready for me.  Ranging from topics like, “Who made God?” to “Why does God let innocent children suffer?” I welcomed the questions, not as a means to force my beliefs and faith on Kira, but as an opportunity to share with her what I believe personally, as well as what others believe.  I told her it is up to her to decide which faith feels right for her and what she believes will help guide her.  It was the first significant conversation we had had about God in many years.  Kira also expressed the wonderment of learning about an author she admired. As an aspiring author herself, I believe  Christian Heroes- C.S. Lewis from YWAM Publishing was an important tool on her journey.

We have lessons that will surely last us throughout the year now, but are already looking to  Christian Heroes Then And Now Series from  YWAM Publishing. We are considering David Livingstone next, although I honestly wouldn’t mind any of the available titles.

We also have looked over the Heroes Of History from YWAM Publishing  and will be incorporating several titles into Kira’s history studies within our curriculum!

I asked Kira what she thought about  Christian Heroes- C.S. Lewis from YWAM Publishing and she said, “I enjoyed reading the book. It was concise and beautifully written.  The book provided many details into aspects of his life that I would have never otherwise known. I especially enjoyed learning about what was behind The Chronicles of Narnia. The study guide was AWESOME! The chapter questions were both fun and thought provoking, causing me to reflect upon what I read, and ensuring I fully understood each concept presented within. The student activities were fun; I could not possibly choose a favorite!”

We highly recommend Christian Heroes Then And Now Series from  YWAM Publishing. Kira especially recommends Christian Heroes- C.S. Lewis!


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