Art Life Seemingly On Hold

What a hectic July it has been thus far. It is only the middle of July, but it certainly feels like the month should be over.

By this time next month there should not be too much left of my thyroid.  I had an ablation done last week.  I have since enjoyed the subtle teases of me glowing green from my radiation treatment.  If you cannot laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at?  Between the prep for that, homeschooling my daughter, running to and fro between appointments and life in general, I have not had much time for art. I have found the less I create the more moody I become. I sketched a little here and there and managed to eek out a mini canvas painting.  Nothing of consequence and certainly nothing worth posting here.

My boss has left me holding the bag on the next book release. I think he forgets that I am an artist not a publishing company. I illustrated, edited, created all ads, a book trailer, and formatted and reformatted 12 times. If the printer does not like my formatting, then it is my opinion, that my boss can use an actual formatter, not an artist for that task. I bite my tongue, for now.

The heat and humidity seem worse this year. Perhaps it is merely me getting older.

Okay, end of mindless rant.

I hope everyone else is able to have a beautiful Summer!



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