Lamplighter Publishing and The Secret Bridge ( A Review)


The Secret Bridge


Lamplighter Publishing

Kira was very excited when we received The Secret Bridge from Lamplighter Publishing to review!

Kira absolutely loves when she receives mail, but, to receive a book in the mail, well, she actually does her happy dance!  Needless to say, my little avid reader dove straight in! The beautiful binding to this book had me, as an illustrator of children’s books, in absolute awe!

Beautiful binding!
Amazing detail and texture!
Attention to detail, throughout!
Attention to detail, throughout!

By now, if you have read any of my posts about Kira, you know she is quite the little reader! Within as much, it was no surprise to me that Kira read The Secret Bridge from Lamplighter Publishing cover to cover in only a few days!

Kira loved this story.  She said it is well written, and that she loved how the story delved into the phycology of the characters. Kira especially loved the fact the book contained footnotes and direction to each verse in her bible.

Job 22:22 “Receive, I pray thee, the law from His mouth, and lay up His words, in thine heart.”

This passage is the one Kira said most represents the story in its entirety.

Kira found herself lost in the 1800’s!

Her favorite character would have to be, Mr. Jocelyn, because of his good heart and intelligence. She also liked his quirks.

I asked Kira what her one favorite part from the story was, and she replied, “How determined Bridget was when Godfrey returned home, that he would go to his family first.”

The Secret Bridge from Lamplighter Publishing  is simply wonderful. To think my daughter was actually enjoying a story written in 1899 is simply astounding. A vast contrast to the tales of myth and lore, such as Maze Runner, one of her favorites.

The story and the physical book itself are absolutely beautiful.  The intricate binding is absolutely unmatched.  This book leads to be passed down generation to generation…providing Kira does not warp the binding from rereading.  You should see some of her books; many look as though they were run over by a train! Kira has a tendency to reread books over and over and over!

Kira highly recommends this book to everyone.


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