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Entire Level III

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Today I will be reviewing ArtAchieve and the Entire Level III. As an artist/illustrator, I am always tickled when Kira gets excited about art. I do not expect her to follow in my shoes, but love that she enjoys art as much as I do. I admit, when I was her age, I was nowhere near as artistically skilled as she is.  I could attempt to take credit, as I did start teaching her extremely young. However, her talent is all her own doing; I merely foster her talent. When I was 13, I was nowhere near as able to grasp detailing, shadows and light as Kira is.  When I saw ArtAchieve, I knew it was right up Kira’s alley.  It is simple enough for the youngest budding artists, yet intricate enough to hold the attention of older artists,  admitting myself included!

Our lessons included a few from Level II, so Kira began with those.

Kira was excited to do the Level II Lesson 4 : The Elephant From Ghana. 

The background for the style provided is wonderful.  I found myself learning right along with Kira.  I also thought the relaxation technique was great! Kira especially enjoyed the warm ups! As an artist, I personally had never known of this, but it was quite obvious it helped Kira tremendously with the lessons.

Kira doing the warm up

At this point, I must add this in, Kira kept saying,  “Gandhi’ instead of Ghana by mistake.  I would be remiss if I did not mention the multiple Cross Curricular Connections opportunities.  In this one lesson alone I was provided the opportunity to help Kira learn not only about Ghana and the beautiful artistic traditions, but also a lesson about Gandhi. Each lesson provides wonderful opportunities for the Cross Curricular Connections.

Kira’s completed lesson

Next Kira tried her hand at Level II: Hiding Butterflies. This one posed more of a challenge for Kira.  But it was a good challenge, if you ask Kira.

Ready to paint her drawing!

 Kira tends to struggle mentally with her painting. She seems to love using pastels, markers, paint pens, or colored pencils more.  I am not sure why, as I absolutely love all of her paintings.  I was incredibly impressed with her clean lines on her drawings.  I cannot manage lines to smooth! The warm up technique certainly helps.

Kira loved the Cross Curricular Connections we were provided in this lesson.  Besides the fact we both are extremely fond of butterflies, Kira absolutely LOVES science! The science behind the camouflage thrilled her!

Kira amidst painting

As an artist, we have all materials needed for the lessons already, but the required tools are really inexpensive and easy enough to find! We have enough acrylic to paint a house. Kira chose her own colors and design. I, for one, absolutely loved it.

Kira's completed lesson
Kira’s completed lesson

Remember me mentioning Kira not being fond of her painting? Well, I am assuming this would be why she decided, on her own time, to do her own take on the lesson using her oil pastels. The techniques she learned from ArtAchieve were apparent!

Kira's own drawing.

Kira was ready to dive into Lesson III! By now, Kira was a pro.  She didn’t even need me anymore.  That is always a bittersweet feeling.  I still am not used to Kira turning the computer on and logging into a site and doing everything on her own.  Okay, I admit, I still feel odd when she makes her own breakfast and lunch too!  Sometimes it seems she is growing up much too fast.  I digress, I have strayed from topic! Lesson III: The Hawaiian Frog; Kira loved this one!

Kira and her Hawaiian Frog!

I could see Kira’s confidence building with each lesson.  ArtAchieve has helped build Kira’s confidence immeasurably!  Although I only ask one lesson a week, Kira expressed desire to more. Here are a few more pictures of Kira and her lessons.

Kira painting!
Kira’s progress

I am extremely pleased with ArtAchieve!

Kira and I both highly recommend ArtAchieve to all home school families, young or old.

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