Planet 316, Daily Bible Jigsaw (An app review)


Daily Bible Jigsaw from

Planet 316

It has become part of early morning coffee routine to complete a puzzle with the  Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316.  For years, as far back as I could remember, I would start my day at my desktop and do a jigsaw puzzle and either Sudoku or Mahjong.  I had started back with MSN games, years ago, then moved on to Microsoft Games. As Kira got older, her home school lesson plans required more input, and I was working more between illustrating children’s books and book covers, I slowly weaned away from this daily ritual. I am not sure really why. Perhaps the couch seemed more suitable as my new coffee spot, as I had to do work on the computer and I was avoiding it as long as I could! For whatever reason, I lost some of my relaxation time.  It was replaced by work emails and lesson planning reviews. Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316 came just in the nick of time.  Mental sharpness requires stimulation.  I was amidst helping Kira with a Sudoku puzzle and was amazed at how long it took me to help her. When I was actively doing the puzzles daily, my solve rate was between 1-3 minutes. Let me just say, I could not even start it in that time! My mental sharpness had gone!

Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316 provided a wonderful solution. As it is available on virtually every platform imaginable, (all download links at the end of my review) I was able to download it in the iOS store to my iPod! I was already using my iPod each morning to check work emails and lesson plans anyway, so this seemed a logical choice! The only downside to this platform is that my iPod screen is dwarfed by my massive caveman-like thumbs! In hindsight, my cell phone may have been a more suitable choice for me.  The menu in the interface at first seemed like a hindrance for me to move pieces. By my third puzzle, however, I was used to it and it posed no problems.

Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316 has beautiful puzzles that are challenging and fun to solve.  Although there is a timer, it is a relaxed play.  I did not sync my account with Facebook as I am not really that into gaming via Facebook, but there is the option to do so.

You can go back and use the calendar to play puzzles you have missed, and there is a new free puzzle every day! The beautiful pictures offer an uplifting verse after completion.  Although Planet 316 was kind and allowed 500 coins free to play and review, I actually saw no need for the coins. I still have 472 remaining. I did use a few on a glitched puzzle that was quickly fixed when an update was released.  I imagine if you are focusing on your time and want a higher score, the tools would be handy.  I was relaxed in playing and never finished in under 5 minutes! Yes, I am SLOW! That is another reason why I did not sync it with my Facebook account. I do not want to feel a challenge or need to rush my morning relaxation coffee time!

The beautiful images and uplifting passages are wonderful. The simple interface is easy enough for young children, while the puzzles remain challenging enough for adults.

The user interface is simple to understand. The pieces rotate easily at the touch of a finger, when using on a touch screen device, even on my teeny iPod! This free (offers in app purchases) app is absolutely delightful! I have enjoyed using it each morning and even sometimes in the evenings to unwind.  I highly recommend  Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316!


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