CompuScholar, Inc – Digital Savvy (A Review)


CompuScholar, Inc and Digital Savvy

This is a review of CompuScholar, Inc, formerly known as  Homeschool Programming. Although there are many courses available such as Web Design,  and Java Programing, today I will be reviewing Digital Savvy.

As Kira is fairly new to computer systems, I felt as though Digital Savvy would be our best option for her to begin with.  From the fundamentals to hands-on projects, it truly helps your child learn everything he or she needs in today’s ever-growing technological universe!

Although Kira has used a computer for years, she actually knew nothing about the machines she has used. When it came to file saving, searching, or other things that required more than a simple click, she always came to me. Now this is where I fell short.  Although I had with some things, I had never actually taken the time to sit and show her each element into our operating system or any behind the scenes aspects to our computers. Perhaps I took it for granted.  I learned it all hands-on.  I had no user manuals. Perhaps I thought Kira would learn via osmosis somehow? I only realized how little she knew once she began Digital Savvy!

Kira was quite excited to try Digital Savvy from CompuScholar, Inc.  Although Kira does have her own tablet and laptop, she rarely uses either. All of her school lessons are done on our desktop computer.  The normal routine would be that I turn the computer on, load her lessons and sign her in.  It was not an issue of me not trusting Kira either.  I just never ever gave it a second thought.  Mind you, she has done coding lessons on the computer previously. So, when it came to the computer itself, I really never gave it any thought.  Actually, a bit stupid of me really. Especially when I think back to my own transitioning between Windows 8 to Windows 10. I imagine to a child, learning Windows is paramount to learning another language entirely. Perhaps this is precisely why now computer programming itself is being considered a language option for public educators.

I digress, I am straying from topic, aren’t I? Kira was extremely eager and could not wait to dive in. We scheduled Digital Savvy  daily amidst Kira’s lessons. It was simply amazing how much Kira was learning and how fast.

Kira and I both loved the program layout.  Although we did struggle to hear some of the educational videos, despite turning our volume past 40.

Each evening as we prepared dinner Kira would quiz us as to our own computer knowledge. It was cute to hear her ask questions like, “Mommy, do you know what FLOPS is?” As each day passed, her questions became more and more difficult. At one point she asked, “Do we have baseband or broadband?” I honestly could not answer. I suddenly realized perhaps I could benefit from her lessons as well!

The course contains 25 chapters.  Each chapter contains structures lessons. Each  structured lesson contains a Lesson Video, Lesson Text, and Lesson Quiz.

The layout is simple and wonderful. I can imagine younger children would also easily navigate throughout the lesson.

Surprisingly, Kira exhibited zero angst with the quizzes, perhaps because the subject matter was more fun for her. Normally quizzes involve a mini temper tantrum of some sort, whether it be a display of anxiety or an audible sigh of annoyance. Instead, this time, I heard, “Hey Mommy, I aced the quiz!”

The hands on lessons were simply a God send for me personally, as Kira is an aspiring author. I have allowed her space to transcribe her hand written books on the desktop.  Whenever she wanted to work on her books (yes, I said bookS , at 13 she has finished writing 3 and is amidst writing 4 others) I would open Microsoft Word for her and set it up. Digital Savvy includes word processing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{Insert happy dance here!}

Suddenly, Kira was making her own lists and tables.  Could this be? Oh, a choir of angels sang!

I am absolutely in LOVE with CompuScholar, Inc  and Digital Savvy, Kira and I highly recommend it to any home school family with a computer! We are very excited to try Web Design and Java Programming next!


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