Illiad And Odyssey Complete Set (Memoria Press Review)

Reviewing Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set

by Memoria Press




This a review of the  Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set by Memoria Press. This completely inclusive set is simply AMAZING! I was flabbergasted when the box arrived. Although the description clearly states all that is included, I honestly did not realize just how much material is included. The box was heavy!

Now, as I have stated more than once before, Kira is an AVID reader, to say the least.  Kira previously read both The Iliad and The Odyssey.  Within as much, she was excited to have an opportunity to do so again and assumed that this would be a breeze! In Kira’s own words, “I first thought this would be very easy, reading these before. Instead, I found this a pleasant challenge.  It forced me to have an alternate perspective, and I enjoyed this immensely!”

I scheduled Kira to work on her Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set lessons three times weekly, but Kira, on her own, did lessons every day!


The adventure began with The Iliad. I must say, as a homeschool Mom, teacher guides are an absolute must. The teacher guides provided by Memoria Press within the Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set are outstanding. The teacher guide is a plethora of knowledge and provides essential tools for any homeschool parent.  It is fully inclusive in your pursuit of educating your young learner on all things Homer! This guide is not simply a list of answers, it is absolutely wonderful! There is a teacher guide for each title!

As if the Teachers Guides weren’t enough, there is total of 11  instructional DVDs!!!!! Kira was not especially fond of the DVD aspect.  She was more consumed by counting how many times the instructor said, “Um” than actually paying full attention to him. I personally believe this is because she previously read each book. The instructional DVDs seem more targeted to a  reader who has never read Homer.

Nonetheless, Kira watched and listened. I personally enjoyed watching along and listening.  We both were pronouncing Iliad wrong, so at least if nothing else, now Kira will say it properly!

Kira was ready to begin work on her Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set lessons. To refresh her memory she read The Iliad as translated by Samuel Butler that was included in the set from Memoria Press.

Again, I must iterate Kira is an avid reader.  Within as much, Kira tends to read a bit faster than most teenagers.  It also helped that she has previously read the Homer poem. The Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set  is  divided into 24 books with 24 corresponding lessons (per each title) which helped to pace my little speed reader.  For Kira, these lessons can be done at three or four per day. Thus meaning she could finish the lessons far faster than the suggested 3 per week. Financially speaking, slower for me would be better,  but I will not slow her pace, if I can see that she is fully comprehending and actually learning.  Which, thank God, she presently is.

The workbooks are absolutely wonderful. The corresponding Teacher Guide provided in the Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set  helped me to ensure Kira was fully comprehending  The Iliad, no matter what pace she worked at!  The student guide forced Kira to view the poem in a totally different light, it was very refreshing to hear her explain to me how this set from Memoria Press forced her to think deeper and more about the characters of the poem, thus enabling Kira to fully grasp the true meaning behind Homer’s prose.

Kira previously read the actual poem itself. And although I believed her when she said she understood the words, I now realize she did not truly grasp their underlying meaning. The Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set  has rectified this!

The Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set  is wonderful because after reading The Iliad, a reader can feel left like they are hanging on a cliff. The Odyssey thus enables your young reader to further venture on Homer’s poetic journey and fulfill the burning questions remaining after completing The Iliad!

Although Memoria Press does provide each separately, I highly recommend purchasing The Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set.

Kira has enjoyed The Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set by  Memoria Press  so much that we are now browsing their entire eighth grade curriculum! Kira is quite enthusiastic about all they have available!!

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