Creating A Masterpiece Monthly Plan

 Creating A Masterpiece’s Monthly Plan

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This a review of Create A Masterpiece’s Monthly Plan.  My daughter Kira decided to use lessons in charcoal for our review of Creating A Masterpiece’s monthly plan. It has been a wonderful journey with Creating a Masterpiece. Kira has learned a lot and loved each moment!


Lessons in Charcoal: Sailing Adventure and Lessons in Charcoal Shading; Stork, both available on the wonderful Creating A Masterpiece site.

Kira has been having a blast with Create A Masterpiece!!!

Kira began with the Lessons in Charcoal; Sailing Adventure.

Being an artist myself, you would think I could easily teach Kira the basics of charcoal. Indeed I have tried. But Kira would become frustrated easily when I did try.

We both would end up with soot-colored hands and extremely frustrated. I felt dreadful because I really could not explain properly for Kira to learn.

I think it is  easier for me to just create art than actually try and explain my personal process.  Especially when I do not follow any sort of fundamental technique. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised as Kira began immediately sketching along with the videos as she watched. I kept my distance and although I could see and hear everything, I essentially was not involved what so ever. I knew from previewing the videos myself prior that all any young budding artist needed was there for the viewing. I just hoped that Kira would soak it up like a little artistic sponge!

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Kira has always loved to draw.  It was no big surprise when she quickly completed her first lesson. Although she  is her own worse critic, I was absolutely amazed at the results and how quickly she achieved them with Creating A Masterpiece! When she was frustrated, Kira could pause the lesson and walk away. The waves and mast had her slightly annoyed at first. But as quick as that came, it soon left! The monthly plan is a phenomenal deal for any family!


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Once she completed the lesson, Kira requested to try more, even asked if she could try a more difficult level! I of course was beaming with pride.  It always excites me when Kira is eager to learn!

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Once Kira began her second Creating A Masterpiece lesson, Charcoal Shading: Stork, her pace slowed a bit. I could see and hear that she was learning a lot more with the more advanced lesson.  She would pause the video and study her piece and take her time.  Kira was slightly frustrated at first with the legs. I believe she finally grasped that art is far from perfect and saw how wonderfully her own Stork was becoming!

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Once completed, Kira was SMILING! Finally, something she made that she liked! It was very hard not to try and say, “do this” or “try that”. But I knew that she needed ZERO input from me.  The lesson was completely inclusive. All I had to supply was charcoal and a sketch pad, which of course we had plenty of.

Now Kira would like to tackle even harder lessons.  I imagine before long my child will surpass me artistically, if she has not already.  I am perfectly fine with that.  In fact, I absolutely love it!

I wish I had learned about this site sooner. The lessons are absolutely amazing. Kira and I highly recommend Creating A Masterpiece to every home school family.

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One thought on “Creating A Masterpiece Monthly Plan

  1. Oh Kira, I want you to know that you are an amazing artist! You so carefully did the projects and they turned out as masterpieces! Yea! Kira, as artists we often can get overwhelmed and frustrated when things don’t turn out perfectly, but you did the right thing…just walk away for a while and then come back. Thank you so much for persisting because you are amazing! Please keep sending me your art pieces as you complete them. I am so happy to see what you are accomplishing.

    Sharon Hofer, Creating a Masterpiece

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