Twilight Enchantment (Series)

Precious Twilight

Amidst recovering from eye surgery, and after just completing Twilight Sparkles, I decided I wanted to try to do a new series.

I was a bit disappointed, with Twilight Sparkles, it started out better than it ended up.  I had spent too little time on the background and the details.

When I started Precious Twilight, I decided to take my time and let myself be patient. I also decided to finish it that day. I have found if I leave a piece to be completed later I end up not putting the detail and effort needed into it. Within as much, I was up until well past 2 AM completing my child fairy!

Between my eye recovery and running between doctor appointments, there seems to be little time for my personal art lately.

I am hopeful that my Twilight Enchantment series will be all I am expecting it to be. I am pleased with the way Precious Twilight turned out. Of course, she is far from perfect, but it was nice to not feel disappointed with her.

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