Portrait Studies

white swan portrait studies

Drawing people can be quite a challenge.  Especially for my surrealistic hyper fantasy imagination.

Presently at work I am being asked to create hyper realism characters based on a few simple words describing the character.  Blonde hair, brown eyes, sweet.  Yes oh that is ever so detailed now isn’t it?

Then, add to this that the cataract in my right eye has advanced drastically. I go in for surgery the day after tomorrow. Seeing details in my work is almost impossible. Yet….after it is done and I have posted it, I notice things like the mouth and the right eye placement. What is very sad is this is actually my best one to date.  The one I created after her…oh my…not attractive whatsoever.  Almost cartoonish.

I think this is precisely why I love fantasy art. You cannot criticize what is not real…well, I know some who do.  But you get the point.


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