Another attempt that fell short.

Mind you, now when I look at this I can think of a million ways to fix it. However, if I actually go and try I lose focus and fall short. Perhaps that is why I left her this way to begin with. I sat on posting this for a while as I really do not like posting pieces I feel are not up to a minimal liking but I have decided that the good, bad, and yes…. the ugly are all part of my art and I should just accept this.

I am not sure what I wanted to fully achieve with this piece in all honesty.  I am also not sure why lately everything I do for my own personal art is seeming to irk me.  Perhaps self doubt.  I do not compare myself to other artists as I believe we all are unique and different…I am comparing myself to myself…if that makes sense. I know a few of you in the art world out there know precisely what I mean.  It is very frustrating. It would seem the more I learn in art the less I am able to produce. I will not let this hinder my education and shall continue to try and educate myself as much as humanly possible. I was considering taking courses but now fear if I do I may end up an art vegetable at the end of the process.

It is funny to me that when I took art courses and art school I never was bored, I never felt as though I could not live up to something. Now I feel as though I am failing myself and falling short somehow. I love art. Nothing could ever change that, and I would never quit no matter how much my art irks me. I imagine there is a switch in the back of the creative portion of my cerebrum that needs a flick. I have unearthed several of my gothic art materials in the hopes that perhaps getting back to the organic basics shall be the flick it needs! I have found that organic art is relaxing yet frustrating because now time seems to be fleeting. Digital art has given me the capability of producing art (that with pencils or paints would normally take days) in a matter of hours.  I need a strong dose of patience.

As always, this piece was drawn on my iPad Pro with my iPencil and I used the Sketchclub drawing app.

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