Review of the Yearly Membership




Today I am reviewing and their Yearly Membership.

Being a mother to an exceptionally smart 12 year old (Kira would quickly point out she is mere days away from being 13) requires that I must find as many educational resources as humanly possible to help me with her studies as a homeschool Mom!

The task of combing Barnes And Nobel can become quite frustrating as my daughter loves to read….the distractions from the educational section to the young adult books is seemingly never ending.

I have found an absolutely fantastic solution, !

I was thrilled to receive this free membership to review through the Homeschool Review Crew. I had been considering the membership for a while now.  As a new member, I was excited to receive the 2017 Annual Print Edition free! This is available to all new members who join prior to January 15th.

Where do I begin? My gosh…from building a customized schedule to guidance on what to teach when, the possibilities are virtually limitless.  When I first began reading, I feared that it would be information overload. I quickly realized it would make my entire homeschool process easier than it has ever been!


The freedom to download and print lessons at the pace my daughter learns is absolutely wonderful. And the lessons are completely inclusive.  I found myself learning right along with my daughter.  We are especially fond of the check list each lesson contains to help us maintain progress.  There are even certificates of completion and final course in Applecore available.  And all is set by your pace.

From preschool to the 12th grade. Every subject imaginable. Full lesson plans as well as videos and tutorials.

My daughter dove in head first.  Even though KIra was technically still on a holiday break, she was eager to explore.  It was no big surprise when my budding artist/architect chose Classical Archaeology. Perhaps the biggest sign that my daughter is enjoying what she is learning is when she tries to teach me.  I believe that not four minutes of silence would pass without her telling me something new and fascinating. To watch Kira delight as she was actually learning is extremely rewarding for me personally.  Even when she had to draw a once dreaded map…..   Years ago I used another curriculum  (which shall remain nameless for the moment) that required Kira drawing maps. Many maps.  It became the absolute worst part of her studies quite honestly.  Although she has never thrown a tantrum, these maps have brought her close to doing so previously. Within as much when Kira mentioned having to draw a map I gasped.  I immediately tensed up for fear she would be upset.  Much to my surprise it was the opposite! There was my daughter drawing her map and giggling and ENJOYING her lesson.  Small victory! This in itself makes me absolutely recommend and the Yearly Membership to all homeschool families.

Personally I imagine I will more than likely continue to use throughout Kira’s education straight through to the 12th grade. I only regret not using this sooner and am already amidst letting her used the lessons beneath her current grade as there is more here than I previously had used!





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