Memories of Mom

memories of mom

Lately I have been dreaming a lot about my Mother.  What is odd though is that I never really see her face. I imagine I can attribute it to the fact I truly do miss her.  It is quite hard to believe she will have been gone 8 years in February. My hero and my best friend.

Recently an Art group I am in chose (randomly) me to pick the week’s drawing topic.  I decided to go with idols/heroes.  I have drawn my Mother many times. This time I decided to draw what reminds me of her most, the sea.  My love of the sea is attributed directly to her I imagine. Raising me as a single parent with no help whatsoever from the age of 10 on was no easy task.  I certainly was a handful to say the least.  I realize now all too well how difficult this must have been as I raise my own daughter. I cannot even imagine doing so alone.

My Mother believed strongly in reincarnation. I have a feeling if it were possible she would return as a sea creature.  This being the sentiment behind my drawing.

Drawn on my iPad Pro with an iPencil in the Sketchclub app

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