Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Drawn as I sat with my family watching the Thanksgiving day parade.

The entire parade left me feeling…well blah.  I think as a whole we may have forgotten what Thanksgiving is truly about.  It isn’t shoveling enough turkey in that we go into a tryptophan coma. It is not the pre black Friday sales that have a nerve to start on Thanksgiving.  It isn’t football. It is not parades.

I live in a nation comprised of immigrants. Unless you are a Native American Indian, you are born of or are an immigrant in the United States.

Lately it seems many have forgotten this.

I was lucky to have heard first hand stories.  My Grandmother, of German descent shared the stories of her family as well as those of my Grandfather, his family came from Ireland.

If it were not for them, I of course would not be here.

I give thanks to all immigrants as well as for my family and all we have.

This is not intended to be political any way. It is merely to remind us to be thankful.

Drawn on my iPad Pro using my iPencil in the Sketchclub app.


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