Buyers Beware


Buyers beware, I purchased a pair of shoes for my husband for his birthday back in October from this “NY company”. They do not work. When attempting to receive a refund we learned we must pay to ship the shoes to China, even though they were delivered from Kentucky. They shipped new batteries to dispute our claim against them with Paypal. Those do not work either.

Sadly I let my husband pick the vendor. I will not do that again as they have better hover kicks at the mall. I am extremely disappointed and now not only am I out the cost of the shoes but my husband received nothing for his birthday.

Once I checked the website where he ordered them, I quickly realized this is not exactly a true business. There were more grammatical and spelling errors than on a first grader’s homework. Actually, I think first graders have better grammar and spelling. It looks like a botched google translate job.

As they are boasting Black Friday ads and it is holiday season, I thought I might warn as many people as I can. Within as much, I am posting this on every social site, my website, and my blogs.

Buy Hover Kicks, not these. 


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