Review Of Appalachian Trail Unit Study

Applachian Unit Review

Today I am reviewing The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Appalachian Trail Unit Study.  There are so many wonderful units to chose from.  Picking one to start is not easy! You can find this unit as well as many others here-

My daughter, Kira, personally chose The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Appalachian Trail Unit Study.   Click here to view the unit.  Always a nature lover, it certainly came as no surprise to me that she did! I must admit that I ,too, was quite excited to teach (and yes even learn) this lesson with her! I like allowing her input on all of our educational materials. This helps create an environment that seems less forced.  I have found that Kira learns more when she feels she has some control with each lesson.

The Appalachian Trail: A Unit Study certainly has not disappointed us!

Before we began I let my daughter read the unit.  I could sense her excitement immediately.  I must tell you, nothing makes me happier than when Kira is eager to learn.  Giddy with excitement she said to me, “Mommy, we have to go to the library!”  The library has become our home away from home.  Since the age of 3 (she is now 12), Kira has loved going to the library.  It is routine for us to return with at least a dozen books for her.  Her love of reading is inspiring.

Before even beginning the unit itself the teaching began.  At the library Kira had to use her Dewey Decimal System knowledge. With a bit of assistance from the librarian, we quickly found a few titles for Kira to use with the unit.

As Kira read her library books, I read the unit.  I found myself learning as I went along! The unit was absolutely more than I had ever anticipated, actually.  A wealth of information in one unit. I found myself bragging to a few friends who also home school. All before Kira even actually began using it!

Once Kira was ready I let her begin. Then……it…..happened………….SILENCE! She was so enthralled that you could hear a pin drop!

Appalachian Trail Kira Study

This unit is absolutely thorough and complete.  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Appalachian Trail Unit Study touched on each subject we currently are using which gave us extra lessons as well. The lesson also fell right in with our Fall studies of American Indians!

I absolutely recommend this to every home school parent. The only trouble Kira had was navigating links, which I quickly sorted for her.

Kira said that she is learning quite a bit and that she found this lesson extremely fun.  She also has informed us that she is ready to walk at least part of the trail.

Here is a sample from the unit that Kira has done.  If you are a fan of crossword puzzles (I know I am) you might enjoy this one!



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