Fall’s Enchanted Forest


Have you ever gotten so caught up in a piece that you (warning pun coming) could not see the forest for the trees?

Well this is one such instance for me.

I spent many hours on this. Most who draw using digital applications can attest to the fact that the digital timer on the app is usually off and undercuts precisely how long we spend creating our drawings. The stats for this piece state 5 hours and 53 minutes. My clock says add about 4 hours to that. Within all this time, I was so focused on each detail that I missed the obvious.

Only about an hour after I posted the image on Instagram did I realize……the horns and the fairy made the dragon appear as though he had a crown on. Of course by then it was much too late to pretend it didn’t happen.  Just when I thought I made a piece I might like….

It seems with each piece I draw I learn, I think this is why I love art so very much. I do not think I will ever stop learning either.  I could blame it on the glaucoma, cataracts and retinopathy but this one was sheer not paying attentioness. And yes, I know that is not a word.  We call them Elizabethisms.  Those closest to me have learned I speak my own dialect.  It may only make sense to me.

So please enjoy my dragon and his fairy crown!

Created on an iPad Pro with an iPencil in the Sketchclub app

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