The City Of Ho Hum

city of ho hum available now

That is right! The City Of Ho Hum written by Penny Estelle is now available!!!

This is the second book I have had the pleasure of illustrating, formatting and editing for Penny Estelle thanks to Fox Tots Books!!! I absolutely LOVE Penny’s imagination.  This story is sure to be a big hit.  The City Of Ho Hum is a delightful tale to spark the imagination of readers young and old.

The City of Ho Hum is a magical place. Only the luckiest of children are able to find their way to Ho Hum. Will you be one of the lucky ones? The things you see will make your eyes POP! Take your own trip to Ho Hum and have the adventure of a lifetime! Shut your eyes, take a deep breath, open this book, and you are on your way!

I absolutely loved creating the artwork for this precious picture book. The timely release is perfect and is sure to add extra smiles to your holiday gift giving. Presently available for purchase here and releasing soon to Amazon.


Santa’s Stache

Santa's Stache

No doubt by now you have heard about Movember.

This piece is specifically created for Movember.

Santa carefully preps and manscapes in anticipation of the hustle and bustle of the chaos sure to ensue in the following month!

I absolutely love this time of the year.  Although, artistically speaking, it is my busiest time of the year and I simply never seem to complete all of my crafts and gifts in time!

I remember years ago creating several holiday pieces.  Now I am lucky if I manage two.  I think it may be attributed to the fact now I spend more time detailing.  I suppose this is a good thing though.  I would rather have one good piece as opposed to ten “meh” pieces!

Drawn on my iPad Pro using my iPencil in the Sketchclub app.

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Drawn as I sat with my family watching the Thanksgiving day parade.

The entire parade left me feeling…well blah.  I think as a whole we may have forgotten what Thanksgiving is truly about.  It isn’t shoveling enough turkey in that we go into a tryptophan coma. It is not the pre black Friday sales that have a nerve to start on Thanksgiving.  It isn’t football. It is not parades.

I live in a nation comprised of immigrants. Unless you are a Native American Indian, you are born of or are an immigrant in the United States.

Lately it seems many have forgotten this.

I was lucky to have heard first hand stories.  My Grandmother, of German descent shared the stories of her family as well as those of my Grandfather, his family came from Ireland.

If it were not for them, I of course would not be here.

I give thanks to all immigrants as well as for my family and all we have.

This is not intended to be political any way. It is merely to remind us to be thankful.

Drawn on my iPad Pro using my iPencil in the Sketchclub app.

Memories of Mom

memories of mom

Lately I have been dreaming a lot about my Mother.  What is odd though is that I never really see her face. I imagine I can attribute it to the fact I truly do miss her.  It is quite hard to believe she will have been gone 8 years in February. My hero and my best friend.

Recently an Art group I am in chose (randomly) me to pick the week’s drawing topic.  I decided to go with idols/heroes.  I have drawn my Mother many times. This time I decided to draw what reminds me of her most, the sea.  My love of the sea is attributed directly to her I imagine. Raising me as a single parent with no help whatsoever from the age of 10 on was no easy task.  I certainly was a handful to say the least.  I realize now all too well how difficult this must have been as I raise my own daughter. I cannot even imagine doing so alone.

My Mother believed strongly in reincarnation. I have a feeling if it were possible she would return as a sea creature.  This being the sentiment behind my drawing.

Drawn on my iPad Pro with an iPencil in the Sketchclub app

Buyers Beware


Buyers beware, I purchased a pair of shoes for my husband for his birthday back in October from this “NY company”. They do not work. When attempting to receive a refund we learned we must pay to ship the shoes to China, even though they were delivered from Kentucky. They shipped new batteries to dispute our claim against them with Paypal. Those do not work either.

Sadly I let my husband pick the vendor. I will not do that again as they have better hover kicks at the mall. I am extremely disappointed and now not only am I out the cost of the shoes but my husband received nothing for his birthday.

Once I checked the website where he ordered them, I quickly realized this is not exactly a true business. There were more grammatical and spelling errors than on a first grader’s homework. Actually, I think first graders have better grammar and spelling. It looks like a botched google translate job.

As they are boasting Black Friday ads and it is holiday season, I thought I might warn as many people as I can. Within as much, I am posting this on every social site, my website, and my blogs.

Buy Hover Kicks, not these. 

Review Of Appalachian Trail Unit Study

Applachian Unit Review

Today I am reviewing The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Appalachian Trail Unit Study.  There are so many wonderful units to chose from.  Picking one to start is not easy! You can find this unit as well as many others here-

My daughter, Kira, personally chose The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Appalachian Trail Unit Study.   Click here to view the unit.  Always a nature lover, it certainly came as no surprise to me that she did! I must admit that I ,too, was quite excited to teach (and yes even learn) this lesson with her! I like allowing her input on all of our educational materials. This helps create an environment that seems less forced.  I have found that Kira learns more when she feels she has some control with each lesson.

The Appalachian Trail: A Unit Study certainly has not disappointed us!

Before we began I let my daughter read the unit.  I could sense her excitement immediately.  I must tell you, nothing makes me happier than when Kira is eager to learn.  Giddy with excitement she said to me, “Mommy, we have to go to the library!”  The library has become our home away from home.  Since the age of 3 (she is now 12), Kira has loved going to the library.  It is routine for us to return with at least a dozen books for her.  Her love of reading is inspiring.

Before even beginning the unit itself the teaching began.  At the library Kira had to use her Dewey Decimal System knowledge. With a bit of assistance from the librarian, we quickly found a few titles for Kira to use with the unit.

As Kira read her library books, I read the unit.  I found myself learning as I went along! The unit was absolutely more than I had ever anticipated, actually.  A wealth of information in one unit. I found myself bragging to a few friends who also home school. All before Kira even actually began using it!

Once Kira was ready I let her begin. Then……it…..happened………….SILENCE! She was so enthralled that you could hear a pin drop!

Appalachian Trail Kira Study

This unit is absolutely thorough and complete.  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Appalachian Trail Unit Study touched on each subject we currently are using which gave us extra lessons as well. The lesson also fell right in with our Fall studies of American Indians!

I absolutely recommend this to every home school parent. The only trouble Kira had was navigating links, which I quickly sorted for her.

Kira said that she is learning quite a bit and that she found this lesson extremely fun.  She also has informed us that she is ready to walk at least part of the trail.

Here is a sample from the unit that Kira has done.  If you are a fan of crossword puzzles (I know I am) you might enjoy this one!



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