Fairyland’s Serenity

fairylands serenity

When my mind does not shut off as I try to fall asleep I see art.

I see abstract. I see silhouettes. I see vibrant colors.

This is a nightly ritual for me.  I lay, trying to sleep…and in my mind I am painting, drawing, and creating.

This was a recent visual image I created in my mind.   I was able to recreate it for the most part and have a tangible image to share. Although, my imagination is far more vibrant and the light particles in the background were dancing.

I do create gif images for work and conceivably I could make this almost exactly as it was in my vision…However that requires time that I am presently unable to devote. Within as much, for now this shall suffice!

Per usual, this was created using my iPad Pro with my iPencil within the SketchClub app. I full intend to paint this piece on wood, time permitting.  And yes…eventually have a gif animation as well.

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