Garden Friends

garden friend

The other day, as we were pulling out of our yard to shop, a late blooming canna lily caught my attention.

I screamed, “STOP!!!”…my husband is used to this as I do it routinely to photograph.

Of course, this would be the one time I actually did not have my camera in tow.

I was a bit lazy to ask for the keys and to run back to the house.  We have a long drive way….and well, we were in a bit of a hurry as well.  Nonetheless, with my Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 in tow, I began trekking across our front drive towards the bright reddish bloom to capture at least one image.   I have learned all too well that if I do not take it as I see it, either the flower will somehow vanish by the time I have my camera or even worse…..I will absolutely forget!

My husband calls this my “butterfly effect”…because I am easily distracted by butterflies and other shiny objects! *Insert giggle here*

At first I did not see her….this beautiful green garden friend.

As I zoomed in on the but I gasped!

I personally had never seen such a spider.  Her vibrant green color was absolutely stunning against the red lily.

I could hear my family in the distance growing weary of my (once again) photography obsession. I quickly ran back to the car to show my daughter.  Even she found this little spider, “cool”….which from a 12 year old is actually a big compliment.

garden friend 2

garden friend 2

I took this second image when we returned from our shopping trip.

Now, I do not know much about spiders quite honestly.  I do know I only appreciate them OUTSIDE and at a distance.  I do respect them however. But I cannot imagine a living spider would allow itself to be covered by gnats.  I am assuming the spider had passed.  Mind you again, I have no clue as this might be a ploy to lure in her dinner!

I found it interesting and decided to share.  Although the pictures are not great at all, I did think others might enjoy a look.

On a side note, I had only just received the Galaxy 7 Edge and have not had ample time to explore the wonderful features it’s camera has.  The settings were all factory when I took these images.


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