Tiny Paws

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Autumn. Remember to read!!! Here is the summer edition of Tiny Paws, a magazine I am the sole creator of for Fox Tots books! You do not need to have DropBox to download your own free copy! When the sign in pops up simply click or tap on “No thanks, continue to view” You are then able to view/download! It is packed with goodies and printables for the little ones!

Click the Tiny Paws edition picture below to be redirected to download or simply copy and paste https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8zx1z2xscayl36/Tiny%20Paws%20Magazine%20October%202016.pdf?dl=0 into your browser for your free copy today!

I have been quite busy lately.  Obviously I have been working on the Tiny Paws magazine. I have also been drawing the characters for the upcoming graphic novel, Origins. I am also amidst promoting the release of The Girl With The Curly Red Hair by Barbara Poor, which releases in just 3 short days!!! I have just completed all work on the upcoming release, The City Of Ho Hum written by Penny Estelle.

I have of course been promoting all the other titles as well. This really has not left time for much else. I am quite looking forward to a break in December!

Tiny Paws

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