Happy Halloween


I managed to squeeze a few minutes into my schedule and create a Halloween Fairy! Happy Halloween to you all!

Drawn on my iPad Pro using my iPencil and the SketchClub app.


Fairyland’s Serenity

fairylands serenity

When my mind does not shut off as I try to fall asleep I see art.

I see abstract. I see silhouettes. I see vibrant colors.

This is a nightly ritual for me.  I lay, trying to sleep…and in my mind I am painting, drawing, and creating.

This was a recent visual image I created in my mind.   I was able to recreate it for the most part and have a tangible image to share. Although, my imagination is far more vibrant and the light particles in the background were dancing.

I do create gif images for work and conceivably I could make this almost exactly as it was in my vision…However that requires time that I am presently unable to devote. Within as much, for now this shall suffice!

Per usual, this was created using my iPad Pro with my iPencil within the SketchClub app. I full intend to paint this piece on wood, time permitting.  And yes…eventually have a gif animation as well.

Garden Friends

garden friend

The other day, as we were pulling out of our yard to shop, a late blooming canna lily caught my attention.

I screamed, “STOP!!!”…my husband is used to this as I do it routinely to photograph.

Of course, this would be the one time I actually did not have my camera in tow.

I was a bit lazy to ask for the keys and to run back to the house.  We have a long drive way….and well, we were in a bit of a hurry as well.  Nonetheless, with my Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 in tow, I began trekking across our front drive towards the bright reddish bloom to capture at least one image.   I have learned all too well that if I do not take it as I see it, either the flower will somehow vanish by the time I have my camera or even worse…..I will absolutely forget!

My husband calls this my “butterfly effect”…because I am easily distracted by butterflies and other shiny objects! *Insert giggle here*

At first I did not see her….this beautiful green garden friend.

As I zoomed in on the but I gasped!

I personally had never seen such a spider.  Her vibrant green color was absolutely stunning against the red lily.

I could hear my family in the distance growing weary of my (once again) photography obsession. I quickly ran back to the car to show my daughter.  Even she found this little spider, “cool”….which from a 12 year old is actually a big compliment.

garden friend 2

garden friend 2

I took this second image when we returned from our shopping trip.

Now, I do not know much about spiders quite honestly.  I do know I only appreciate them OUTSIDE and at a distance.  I do respect them however. But I cannot imagine a living spider would allow itself to be covered by gnats.  I am assuming the spider had passed.  Mind you again, I have no clue as this might be a ploy to lure in her dinner!

I found it interesting and decided to share.  Although the pictures are not great at all, I did think others might enjoy a look.

On a side note, I had only just received the Galaxy 7 Edge and have not had ample time to explore the wonderful features it’s camera has.  The settings were all factory when I took these images.

Is Anybody Out There?

trick or treat elizabeth

I absolutely love this time of year.  It also happens to be the most chaotic time for me personally.  Between home schooling my daughter, illustrating, the endless Autumn festivities and decorating to working on the Christmas gifts I make….I really lack time for much else.

I decided that a little Halloween sketching was in order!

falls fairy baby elizabeth

I live for the months of October – April!!!!! It is a wonderful time of the year for me.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Fall!

Tiny Paws

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Autumn. Remember to read!!! Here is the summer edition of Tiny Paws, a magazine I am the sole creator of for Fox Tots books! You do not need to have DropBox to download your own free copy! When the sign in pops up simply click or tap on “No thanks, continue to view” You are then able to view/download! It is packed with goodies and printables for the little ones!

Click the Tiny Paws edition picture below to be redirected to download or simply copy and paste https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8zx1z2xscayl36/Tiny%20Paws%20Magazine%20October%202016.pdf?dl=0 into your browser for your free copy today!

I have been quite busy lately.  Obviously I have been working on the Tiny Paws magazine. I have also been drawing the characters for the upcoming graphic novel, Origins. I am also amidst promoting the release of The Girl With The Curly Red Hair by Barbara Poor, which releases in just 3 short days!!! I have just completed all work on the upcoming release, The City Of Ho Hum written by Penny Estelle.

I have of course been promoting all the other titles as well. This really has not left time for much else. I am quite looking forward to a break in December!

Tiny Paws