Nikita Storm

nikita storm creation-of-nikita

Second element is completed now for the cover art I am amidst.

The author has informed me he is already up to 200 panels for the interior of the graphic novel I am to illustrate. I do not foresee any sleep within my near future!

Per usual, I drew this in Sketchclub using my iPad Pro and iPencil.


Raija Stewart


Would you like a full behinds the scenes tour?
Here is a little peek behind the scenes at the creation of Raija Stewart for Shane Stephen Almond’s upcoming graphic novel Origins. To see more behind the scenes looks at some of the projects I am working on as well as exclusive videos, special content, and gifts sent straight to your door follow me on Patreon here;

More Face Study

face study

As a continuation of my face study I decided to try and sketch a face from Sktchy once again.

I think I went way overboard on the reference’s shading.  Although it looks nothing like the reference, I am learning to hone in my own technique…somewhat.

Old habits die hard and no matter how hard I try, I fall back into my old style.

As usual, I drew this on my iPad pro using an iPencil within the Sketchclub app.


A Work In Progress

lcoa wip

Here is a glimpse into an element of a new book cover I am amidst creating. Although she will look nothing like this when I am finished and have implemented the author’s revisions.

Once again I have the fortune to work with Shane S. Almond.

This is to be a graphic novel series.  As it stands there are at least 60 panels to be done…needless to say I shall be quite busy between the cover illustration and the sequential therein!