His Laughter Lives On





I presently desire to create a specific art piece but do not know how to approach it.  I have decided to practice drawing faces more. If anything I might learn something as I practice….I am hoping thus enabling me to better approach my vision….

I drew this piece on my iPad Pro using an iPencil in the sketchclub app.



As a little child I always dreamed of one day traveling to Egypt.  I have always been fascinated with ancient Egypt.

I was not sure where I was going with this piece when I began.  I knew I wanted it to be dark yet light.

I found myself leaning towards Qetesh, a goddess with many different present day definitions.

I absolutely loved working on this piece and had fun playing with this style.  I might add it to the future series list….which seems to be ever growing.

This was drawn on on iPad Pro with an iPencil in the Sketchclub app.

Sneak Peek


I have just completed 44+ illustrations and am now awaiting word on creating the cover for an absolutely wonderful series! I have been so very lucky to work with some of the absolute best authors in the industry. Adam Scott is no exception! His adorably funny tales will surely bring smiles and happiness to children (and their parents) everywhere. Here is a little peek into a few sketches. I have been under a strict non-share clause but have just been given permission from Gnome On Pig Productions to share!

Ammolite Visions

ammolite visions

In creating this piece I actually had an entirely different layout envisioned.  The dragon was not supposed to resemble a gargoyle and his wings were to be flat at his side.  As I do not like using references, the wings became a battle.  No matter how I created them…they looked off. I finally gave in and expanded his wings instead.  This then caused the entire background landscape to change as it essentially became hidden. I am not satisfied with the head/wing ratio. Had I drawn it to the scale I would like there would be no background at all.  I could have reduced the size of the dragon himself…hindsight is always 20/20. As I am amidst illustrating several books, my free time to draw is limited.  Within as much, Ammolite Visions shall remain as is.



Normally I like photographing the wild cats outside.  Phantom perhaps the most photogenic of the bunch.  For some reason I felt like sketching him this time however. My depiction certainly does not do this handsome fellow justice.  I need to do a fur study as I have always seemed to struggle with fur.

iPad Pro with an iPencil using the Sketchclub app.