Broken Wing

broken wing

I am wishing I spent a little bit longer on the detailing of this piece.  I may try and do a similar piece in the near future.

The premise was the fairy has a broken wing and has used her power to hypnotize the mouse and harness his swiftness .

Drawn in Sketchclub app using an iPencil on an iPadPro.


Puppy Love

puppy love


Drawn on an iPadPro with the iPencil using the Sketchclub app.  I felt the need amidst the insanity surrounding the world as of late to have two distinct and separate species living in harmony.

Kira’s Perspective

kiras perspective

Recently while taking photographs I decided to do eye study.  I took many shots of animals and humans alike.  One of my daughter’s eye looking out our sliding glass doors to our back garden was by far my favorite.

When an art group I am in posted the challenge of creating eye related drawings I knew that I would try to recreate the photograph. I had an amazing time drawing this one.

Drawn in the Sketchclub app using an iPad Pro and an iPencil.

Lovely Ladybird

lovely ladybird

*Lovely Ladybird*

Mixed media materials, watercolor pencils & watercolor paints on Bee Heavyweight Vellum.

Someone had mixed my pencils….this was to be a strictly watercolor pencil piece. When I went to blend however, I discovered I was using regular pencils on three portions within the shell! I was mortified.  I have never really tried mixed media. As realism was totally lost at this point due to the blunder, I decided to go with the flow and play with the paints a bit. Although it is nothing what I had originally intended it to be, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I might start mixing mediums more often!

Space Swim


Have you ever had a dream and just knew you had to write it down before you forgot it?

This was one of those moments.  A merchild with an orca, swimming in space.

I actually had a great deal of fun with this one….despite my memorial reference that quickly faded.  I composed as best I could what little flashes of memory provided.

As I sketched, I spent far too much time on the merchild’s hair….I could not match the color from my memory.

Drawn using an iPad Pro and iPen within the Sketchclub app.

My Website Is Up

iPhone-Mockup-PSD laptop my screen website

I finally have managed to set up my website. It is far from perfect but I am pleased with it. I hope to tweak it up and learn all the ins and outs soon!!!! Have a look