Watch Me Draw ~ Hear Me Sing

I started this drawing knowing full well I wanted it to be about young girls and self esteem issues. Watching a young girl growing up today is very heartbreaking.  Between the bullies and social media over using photoshop, expectations of beauty have become unrealistic.  Watching routinely as young and younger girls have plastic surgery to try and obtain the perfect selfie is incredibly sad.

Superficiality and narcissism reigns supreme as of late. I personally have never seen a child I did not consider beautiful. Mind you, their behavior is another matter entirely.

I chose to sing along with this one and purposely chose a song I sing with my daughter often. A few friends requested I return to singing along with my videos.  Evidently my composing skills using music making apps lack! Which is fine, I sing all day long any way.

Nonetheless….I think as adults we need to pay more attention to our children and their misguided views on beauty and perfection. Children are a work of art.  Each unique and each beautiful. Judgements on physical appearance really are insane….especially when it is a child. I grew up experiencing it and can only imagine how difficult it must be for a child today with the never ending social aspect.

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