I absolutely love Dandelions. Right now my back garden is chock full.

I knew I had to try and capture some before the summer winds blew them all away!

I had a lovely time out there photographing yesterday and was pleased to capture some wonderful shots with my  Nikon CoolPix L810.

I think I am finally starting to learn to be patient with this camera!


Colombiana Beauty

angelica ospina

I was quite honored when the incredibly beautiful Colombiana model Angelica Ospina requested a commission. Capturing her beauty is certainly no easy task! With her dark mesmerizing eyes it is no wonder her beauty inspires!

This portrait series really is quite fun.

Estaba muy honrado cuando la increíblemente bella modelo Colombiana Angélica Ospina solicitó una comisión. La captura de su belleza es sin duda no es tarea fácil! Con los ojos hipnotizantes oscuros no es de extrañar su belleza inspira!

Drawn using the SketchClub app on an iPadPro with an iPencil.

In Loving Memory

Christina Grimmie

When I am illustrating I jam Spotify…usually Zedd, Broods, Purity Ring, Robert Miles, or Yellow Claw. Today, amidst illustrating my next children’s book, I decided to just let the discover option play as they do occasionally find some new songs I end up loving.
A song came on.
Instantly it caught my attention.
I absolutely loved it.
So I went to add it….
And started crying…..
It was Cliché by Christina Grimmie.
As an aspiring singer, I live vicariously through the many talents on shows like The Voice.
I felt compelled to create a tribute to this beautiful soul taken far too soon from this world.

Pixie Offerings Video

I had fun creating this one! I decided to sing along with this video too.

The description on youtube pretty much sums it all up.

I actually enjoy making the videos almost as much as I enjoy drawing the pieces and singing.

Mind you, I am really loud and can have a screechy voice so if you dare watch, turn your sound down.

I know I always mute myself!!!!



I get extremely nervous doing portraits of people I actually know.

I fear I will draw them in a way that they may find offensive I guess. I have always preferred to draw fantasy art as that way it is less likely to be compared to anything else, judged or harshly critiqued.

Nonetheless, as a learning process and to further my skill, I try to do any and every subject I can.  Even portraits, which are by far my most trying subject.

I was lucky to grow up with quite a beautiful group of children. I am blessed to still speak to many of them today. I always found this young lady stunning.  Truly beautiful both inside and out.

When she agreed to allow me to do her portrait I was honored!!!!