Superficial Phoniness

IMG_4834 [454794]


Although the title should be self explanatory, I created this piece when I was extremely frustrated by the many phonies who claim to so love art.

Art is subjective and beauty is absolutely in the eye of the beholder. I personally do not create for others approval.  I create because it is how I release and express my inner self.  Much as a poet is compelled to write.

As of late I have encountered many who use art as a medium to garner attention or desire some sort of fame. They will say they loved art  but left it for a time and forgot how much they loved it.  It is art….not a steak. How can you forget a passion? An innermost desire? I imagine it is possible, yet  who am I to ever judge another? Although personally I cannot even fathom a day where I don’t at least doodle. I sing, draw and take at least one photograph daily. It is  paramount to breathing and sleeping…if I go to long without any of these I tend to be quite grumpy. Not saying that I do any well…and certainly am not trying to garner fame. When I share I share because it is me….

I am my own worst critic even on my best of days

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