Recently someone followed me on instagram and their name had the ending of app….Curious I tapped the follower’s name and discovered that it was Paint Studio Pro and there was a link to download and try the app.  I was instantly hooked.  This is my second piece I am amidst using the free lite version of the app.

I am quite impressed.  Although the windows may seem daunting, they are all fairly basic and simple to use.  The end result is that your iPad Pro and your iPencil become a canvas and a paintbrush.  This is by far the closest I have come to organic painting yet.  I have not explored fully what the app can do but I really like it.  As it was free I thought I would share.  The full version is steep in price but the lite seems more than ample for me.

I was so into this piece I drained both the iPad and iPencil batteries!

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