I Love Spring

pretty flower

Sadly spring has all but ended here.

I absolutely love the gifts nature provides during the Spring!

Amateur photographer at best, yet I love trying to capture natural beauty that surrounds me.  I have a very odd camera that was given to me a few years ago.  It is a Nikon Cool Pix L810.  Unfortunately it has zero aperture settings and no way to disarm a built in unreliable auto focus.  It was meant for complete photographer novices I believe. End result being that I will take around 200 images to actually get the one picture I was wanting.  With still life it really is a non issue….however all else is usually lost to the whim of the terrible auto focusing that is built in.

I never use filters or photo enhancements as I think nature is really already perfect.  Perhaps one day I will manage a proper DSLR but for the moment I am having fun trying to photography my universe one lily at a time!

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