Mother’s Day

mothers day

Mother’s Day has a bittersweet meaning for me personally.

I lost my mother to oat cell carcinoma in 2009. She was much too young, and taken from me far too early.  My Mother, Adele  raised me by herself and as a result she was not only my Mother but my best friend.  I became a Mother myself in 2004 to my precious daughter who is now my best friend as well.

Although I am a mother, I honor my Mother on Mother’s day….it seems only fitting as she was my superhero. My Mother sadly did not live to see my published works.  She pressured me about art.  I wanted to sing…she said my art was special and that the talent I had should be shared.  I still to this day do not see what she saw in my art.

Sadly I never was able to thank her for the art school she paid for or the countless supplies she bought for me.

Nothing can replace a Mother’s Love.

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