Garden of Gardenias






Our garden has a heavenly fragrance presently.  Although white orchids are by my favorite flower, gardenias run a very close second.  They are simply gorgeous and I find their scent intoxifying.  (I know that is not a word)

We have a lovely bush that is presently in full bloom. I was so eager to take photographs that the moment the rain ceased I ran outside with my Nikon!

We have a few blooms we brought inside, as we do annually. Nothing smells better than natural gardenias if you ask me!



Superficial Phoniness

IMG_4834 [454794]


Although the title should be self explanatory, I created this piece when I was extremely frustrated by the many phonies who claim to so love art.

Art is subjective and beauty is absolutely in the eye of the beholder. I personally do not create for others approval.  I create because it is how I release and express my inner self.  Much as a poet is compelled to write.

As of late I have encountered many who use art as a medium to garner attention or desire some sort of fame. They will say they loved art  but left it for a time and forgot how much they loved it.  It is art….not a steak. How can you forget a passion? An innermost desire? I imagine it is possible, yet  who am I to ever judge another? Although personally I cannot even fathom a day where I don’t at least doodle. I sing, draw and take at least one photograph daily. It is  paramount to breathing and sleeping…if I go to long without any of these I tend to be quite grumpy. Not saying that I do any well…and certainly am not trying to garner fame. When I share I share because it is me….

I am my own worst critic even on my best of days



This was originally to be a far more intricate piece.

It had remained a work in progress for far too long. I must have redrawn her facial features a million times.  I work reference free and it was trying to get the proper angles for her eyes and her hand.

I hand grandeur hopes for this and was perhaps overly ambitious considering my impatience with my work. I am working on this….

Perhaps in the near future I shall revisit her and actually finish where I originally planned to take her.

Alas, for now she shall remain complete as is.



In an attempt to work around the terrible automatic settings that are built into my Nikon Cool Pix L810, I went into my garden and attempted to take photographs this weekend.

Out of the over 500 I took, a few actually managed to come out as I intended.

One day I may be able to purchase a dslr with aperture settings and even lens attachments.  In the meantime, I will continue fighting with this camera and my lack of photography skill.

This beautiful butterfly followed me the entire time I was photographing. My naked eye had not noticed the blue hues within it’s wings until I uploaded the images to my computer.  I was pleasantly surprised!

We have a host of weeds presently but are leaving them as they are being flooded with wildlife lately.

Nature’s Fireworks



Every year summer sneaks up but is preceded by the most beautiful display in our yard.

These beautiful images are of aloe.

They bloom just in time to bring on summer.   Although at first glance they look awkward, when you look closer they are extraordinarily beautiful.

The long stems shoot up roughly two and a half feet from the aloe plant itself and at the end are these gorgeously strange blooms.



Recently someone followed me on instagram and their name had the ending of app….Curious I tapped the follower’s name and discovered that it was Paint Studio Pro and there was a link to download and try the app.  I was instantly hooked.  This is my second piece I am amidst using the free lite version of the app.

I am quite impressed.  Although the windows may seem daunting, they are all fairly basic and simple to use.  The end result is that your iPad Pro and your iPencil become a canvas and a paintbrush.  This is by far the closest I have come to organic painting yet.  I have not explored fully what the app can do but I really like it.  As it was free I thought I would share.  The full version is steep in price but the lite seems more than ample for me.

I was so into this piece I drained both the iPad and iPencil batteries!

I Love Spring

pretty flower

Sadly spring has all but ended here.

I absolutely love the gifts nature provides during the Spring!

Amateur photographer at best, yet I love trying to capture natural beauty that surrounds me.  I have a very odd camera that was given to me a few years ago.  It is a Nikon Cool Pix L810.  Unfortunately it has zero aperture settings and no way to disarm a built in unreliable auto focus.  It was meant for complete photographer novices I believe. End result being that I will take around 200 images to actually get the one picture I was wanting.  With still life it really is a non issue….however all else is usually lost to the whim of the terrible auto focusing that is built in.

I never use filters or photo enhancements as I think nature is really already perfect.  Perhaps one day I will manage a proper DSLR but for the moment I am having fun trying to photography my universe one lily at a time!