Demented Puppeteers


Demented Puppeteers

This satirical self portrait was inspired by recent events in my life.

Although I absolutely love being an artist, “when I decided to become an artist it was because I loved being creative. Not to become a marionette for demented puppeteers.” This is what is written on the paper in the depiction.

I think those who are not artist (although they sure do think they can be and that it is somehow easy to squash your own visions and opinions to appease their unrealistic expectations) do not realize that bringing the visions in their head to life from my hands takes time….time is precious…..and as a mother, it is expensive.

Endless revisions to end up with virtually what I started with perhaps annoys me the most…..that and being treated like someone’s personal crayon box. Or when told how much something costs they look insulted…as if they would work for free. When I first started out, I thought this was the price you paid to get your name out there….suddenly I realized something, my name out there means NOTHING if I do not like the work or people it is aligned with.

The older I get, the stronger my integrity becomes….The more I think my time is better spent with my daughter than catering to demented puppeteers!

Mind you, once again I iterate, I LOVE what I do. I just do not love the way I can be treated by some. I would not change it for the world.  These demented puppeteers have taught me to stand up for myself.  To say no and to demand respect in an industry amidst tracers and thieves.  I can only image what being an artist once was…when there was no social hustle and no constant competition from computer graphics…..and did I mention the tracers and thieves already? *^_^*


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