Endangered Beauty

Best viewed in a 3d viewer.

Watch the piece unfold here: http://colorslive.com/details/3350017

endangered beauty


More March (Fairy) Madness


No Evil

No Evil




To honor St. Patrick’s Day

easter egg surprise

Egg Surprise for Easter

March Fairies Changing Focus

The Fairy Lisa

The Fairy Lisa

A silly take on a classic.

I decided to let the fairy also be the main focus of a separate piece.




Garden Reflections

Somewhere my perspective went astray.  The eye tilt was wrong as was so much of the face.  I was broken hearted as I spent a very long time on the fairy and her reflection….I decided to let her be the focus of her own pieces instead….

keeping secrets backing secrets



the rabit hole

Down The Rabbit Hole

I drew this piece last month in honor of the anniversary of Alice In Wonderland.  I decided she would make a precious fairy!  I had not seen the newer movie when I drew this piece.  I have since and now want to recreate something to befit the movie as I absolutely adored Burton’s depiction of the characters!  I look forward to the sequel soon to be released as well.  His style always mesmerizes me.

slow trip

A take on the Tortoise and the Hare.

A little psychedelic version of the tale. I had fun drawing this one!

PunkSteam Fairy

PunkSteam Fairy

PunkSteam Fairy

Sometimes I get a little into a piece.  This was one such time.  Although it is not extremely detailed, the small details took a substantial amount of time.  I absolutely loved doing this one.  I wish I would have had more time for the wings.  Hindsight being 20/20 I think glass wings would have suited her far more.

I wanted a very small subtle bit of steampunk and chose to do only her eye.  Originally she was flying and had a suit of armor and metal wings.  I opted for less is more.  I may revisit the full armor at a later date perhaps if time permits.

I wish I could spend all my time on one piece really…they never feel finished to me.  I wonder if everyone feels this way? I imagine no matter how much time I had spent I probably would have felt the same.

Little Bit Busy Lately

nfe Gold coin smallbloodmoon books logo small logoMainly everything I am amidst is work related and has to of course remain hidden until it is released publicly. Within as much I am making a quick post containing a few things I have done for work that I actually can share!