Portrait Series


out of the darkness

Although fantasy art is what I love, occasionally I like trying a dab of realism. I certainly am no master of realism but I love playing with shadow and light.  Within as much, I have decided to do a side project portrait series.  Although I am not using a particular reference I am doing much from memory of photography that stands out in my memory. Over the years I have been obsessed with drawing eyes….certain photographers have mastered the talent of capturing eye expression perfectly. I would love to be able to create an original piece that does this as well. I believe the more I practice the closer I may come to (not quite getting it of course) almost being happy with a piece.  I lack patience……realism takes time and diligence and not as much creativity as I like to pour into a piece.  Nonetheless, I really want to force myself to try this.

First in the portrait series being Out Of The Shadows. Although I fell short on the hairline, the jaw line and skin texture I felt comfortable that this piece was done. Now seeing it as I post, there are millions of things I could do to change it but I find it better to leave as is or I will never finish!


Second of  the portrait series being Into The Light.  I felt it fitting to honor Black History Month as well. I remember seeing a photograph years ago of a beautiful all natural black woman. Her eyes captivated me. She may have been a model and I only wish I knew of the model and photographer’s name to accredit my memory. I am still obviously tinkering with skin texture and shadow technique…..I always tend to lean toward adding creativity and I know that realism does not fully lean this way……I will eventually gain diligence to simply create without trying to be overly creative….maybe….hopefully?


9 thoughts on “Portrait Series

  1. Not too bad. I like how you kept most of the detail around the eyes. Be sure to align the eyes as well as possible though, the slightest misplacement can ruin the image. And watch out for keeping everything so soft, remember to use a harder brush in and around the focal point. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you, her eyes were drawn slightly off on purpose as it was paying tribute to a friend with a wandering eye. Her off centered eyes were always enchanting to me and I tried to slightly recreate this. I appreciate your comment and critique! I was using the softer style to keep it a bit out of focus for a dramatic effect, obviously by your comment I have missed the mark a bit lol. Thank you again.

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    2. Did you notice the befungled jawline and ears? Those are quite hideous as well. I shall attempt a newer piece for the series and input your suggestions. Thank you again, I truly appreciate it! I can loose focus rapidly when I try to create any sort of ‘realism’.

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      1. I understand. Portraits are not easy by any means, even the best artists struggle with them. But they are a great way to learn and improve. Keep up the good work, I’ll keep an eye on you.


      2. Thank you, I appreciate it. I think I would be better served to next try with an actual physical reference on hand as my memory lacks at best!

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      3. Oh you did these by memory!? Reference, reference, reference! I used to think that it would be more of a challenge without a reference, but in all reality its just plain making it hard on yourself. Even the most talented portrait artists use reference. Any painting process is better than none at all, but you must try to make things as easy and simple as possible to allow yourself to learn and progress faster. I hope this helps, I wish someone would have told me this years ago.


      4. Yes, I found this out doing these two the hard way. Normally anything I do is sans reference unless it is something someone has given me to do and supplied a reference. Valuable lesson indeed!

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