Year Of The Fairies!

balancing act

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a bit into fairies…..within as much, they usually are my main subject in art… are a few I have sketched recently……..

stargazer lareesa balancing actbirth of a star  fairystale heart of originality I Spy


A Welcomed New Year



As I bid adieu to 2015 and embrace 2016 I fondly and sadly remember the wonders last year held.  The upside of course was illustrating/creating covers for  6 published books and doing cover art on another. blackbgalltitles together of mine2016back cover with text

The loss of several fur babies will be the down side. The last being my precious Shiloh who will always have my heart….


I look forward to this year.  I have no less than 8 new children’s books I am amidst illustrating and several other surprises in the works. I trust this year is a great one for us all!



The Fairy Tree


Here I am sporting my copy of The Fairy Tree, written by the truly talented Wendy L. Schmidt.  Have you purchased a copy yet? If not you can here.

I enjoyed straying from the typical full color illustrations with this tale sure to be an instant classic.  Instead it contains sketches…It was a welcomed twist for me personally and reminded me of the books I grew up reading.  Wendy has included colorable samples here.

I enjoyed working with Wendy on this and look forward to working on her upcoming children’s picture book to be released later this year!