Work, work, and more work!

alltitles together of mine

I have been swamped! But this is a good thing….especially as I love art. I am also teaching myself newer things and experimenting with animated images.  So far…so slow.


I figured maybe this might help sales, although in all honesty I wanted to learn how to make these previously….so it is a two fold benefit.


As you can see….I am not very adept at it just yet……


For now I am enjoying trying to figure it all out.  Even if it is  only to amuse myself! *^_^*

I have also been amidst tiny clips for video…not trailers but I want to attempt those next…this turned out extremely cheesy but the little ones seem to enjoy it;


I am presently running ad campaigns for all of the above titles as well as working on two others. I am illustrating for 6 others presently also.  It makes for less sleep time but I am certainly not complaining.

Click here to view the available titles.

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