Ink Tober

In honor of ink tober, here are a few oldies and following those are some minis I am working on…one for each day of the month…..

inkold inktober


Coming Soon….

cover reveal brown paper advert

Coming this December, The Fairy Tree. An epic adventure.

Written by Wendy Schmidt and illustrated by me.

conker peek

Releasing Spring of 2016

Written by Andrew Herbert and Illustrated by me!

Works In Progress….

Last post of the day, promise….



I am behind on everything so I am late in getting these little coffins complete. I actually planned on making these last year and ran out of time. Within as much, last night as I was cooking dinner and doing laundry I decided to attempt multitasking….I only made it this far. I am hoping to finish painting the top and sides later this evening. I have not decided if I will use felt to line the inside or not.  I will be wood burning a few coffins as well, time permitting.

I also have a huge sugar skull that needs finishing. Again, I started this one last year.


Unless I manage to squeeze 12 more hours into a day I doubt I will ever finish some of my projects!