The Way The Cookie Tends To Crumble


Art has vastly changed over the years….one thing that has not though perhaps is how artists are seldom recognized pre-mortem.

Although many of my works can take days to create from concept to the completed piece, more hours are spent posting it and sharing it publicly.

Behind the scenes countless hours are spent creating viable posts to fit within the confines of many social media sites.  As well as targeting the proper audiences and attributing credit where it is due.

As an illustrator, I try extra hard to help promote the authors I collaborate with.  I will spend hours creating ad campaigns and banners to the proper specifications of each social site.  I have been doing this for free. I also make full page ads and such linking to sales.  Yes, this also helps promote myself but I draw for love more than for financial gain.

Sadly, I have recently been told my links are being removed from two sites where I have done significant amounts of work……reasons given from each was that their mentors suggested conflict as I am considered freelance and do illustrations for competitors.

Exception being my name is credited within the works they have on their site that I have worked on…

I respect their business decision….but I do find it extremely odd. I never had qualms with promoting other artists.  I guess as I am not mercenary my views on business are vastly different. I consider myself unique. I do not fit into a specific category or mold…….so I do not ever feel threatened by others or their talents.  In fact, I embrace them. There are so many gifted artists and authors out there.  I do not see any as competition, I see them as opportunities to learn.

At the end of the day, when I illustrate a children’s book, or a young adult book, I am illustrating in the hopes that a child is encouraged to READ.

I draw because I love art.   I draw for the reward of seeing a child smile. I draw because I can. To put a monetary value on that would be ignorant.  Yes, this is why I am essentially poor but I am happy.

Of course my feelings were hurt by these decisions. I am human after all. I respect their choices nonetheless.



That Time of the Year……


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