Summer Of The Spider



Summer Of The Spider

I tend to stare out my kitchen window frequently. I love observing the vast nature for inspiration. That is…until….a little over a month ago.

 I was making my morning coffee…..only a delicious blend of Starbucks’ Vanilla and Millstone’s Chocolate  will hit the spot lately. Thankfully self brewing is still inexpensive! I digress …back to the topic at hand…I look up and OMG…holy mother of goat cheese.  It is the largest scariest spider staring back at me.  Before I wet myself, I realize this monstrosity is outside.  I then suddenly feel itchy all over, creepy crawlies…..lovely.   Eventually though, this beast somehow works its way into my daily routine.  I watch it.  Fascinated by how it keeps rebuilding its web amidst our typical tropical summers and the seemingly never ending torrential down pours.  Then it hits me…this beast has 7 legs… Aren’t spiders supposed to have 8? By the distinctive colors I recognize it as a Banana Spider…..I decide that either my memory of 8 legs is an Octopus confusion or this spider is strange. I decided to research… I am also curious as to whether or not the smaller spider which had by then built another web in front of her was perhaps  a mate…..when I say smaller….I mean MUCH smaller. It turns out the larger  is in fact a female banana spider and the smaller would be a courting male….already WAY more than I ever cared to know about these beasts. It then became a ritual to periodically view them…Watch her devour insects.  Rebuild this MASSIVE web several times a day.  Then….came….BABIES…I am not certain as to how many.. Much like their parents, the varied in size.   All the while I have used this as an opportunity for my photography. I wish I had a better camera as capturing the beauty of her web is next to impossible with a cheap camera. Nonetheless, I certainly have tried.  I woke up Sunday and was incredibly saddened to see that she was seemingly gone.  As it turned out though, she moved her web slightly out of view.  She has since reclaimed her spot directly center in my view though.  I keep meaning to set up time elapsed photography so that others can see how truly incredible these beasts are.

I am just glad she is outside as I swear she is getting larger.  There is something quite soothing in watching her go back and forth as she spins her web.  I have never been a fan of spiders…except perhaps Charlotte. I now however have gained a new respect for them.

DSCN0256 DSCN0222 DSCN0223 DSCN0229 DSCN0230 DSCN0231 DSCN0232 DSCN0241 DSCN0242


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