Little Peep


Second in the nursery rhyme series


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Work Has Me Swamped

I never imagined being an illustrator would involve so little drawing!!!!!!

I have been very busy formatting and editing books. Well…and some logo creation…so that is drawing, right? I miss drawing more….this next book I am working on is absolutely wonderful.  The author is an incredible talent and I am right honored to be working with her. Wendy L. Schmidt is an amazing story teller. I have been having a blast getting the ad campaign done on this one.  Here is a teaser; Wendysfbcoverrevea2

You may see the new FoxTots mascot hidden there….I was glad to redesign him as he now actually resembles a Fox….which of course means I will have to redo the original story book where he was born…..job security on the upside!

I am amidst a few acrylic paintings as well.  One will be part of a silent auction.  See this pinned post for details. Working on a little line of Fairy Dolls too…but that is on hold as I am really very busy with the books right now. In the interim, look at these areas where you can purchase some of my work;

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I Want To Go To School

I Want To Go To School HR

I am quite excite to announce that the next children’s books I have illustrated is scheduled to be released through Fox Tots Productions, September 5th, 2015!!

This wonderful story comes to life courtesy of Madeleine McLaughlin’s amazing alliteration. Her absolutely adorable characters will certaily find a home in the hearts of children everywhere.

I truly enjoyed drawing and formatting this precious story!

Here are the links for Madeleine McLaughlin: