Colorful Fingers

File Mar 25, 10 26 55 AMThere simply is nothing quite like the feel of acrylic paints all over your fingers….As of late I was immersed in digital art and all but forgot how much I absolutely love organic mediums. In starting this piece I kept finding reasons to paint more…..So many that now I have decided both sides will be painted.  Although it certainly takes longer, I believe actual organic painting (as opposed to digital art) promotes creativity….well at least with me. I have to come up with creative ways to make my mistakes look incorporated! With neuropathy, arthritis and fibromyalgia I do not get as much opportunity to hold a paint brush as I would like…..the digital ‘undo’ eases erase time and repaint time that organic mediums require. I must admit though, even with the pain, I love painting. I have my next  project lined up when I finish this one……I think I may do a wood burned piece. It has been over a year since my last!

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