French Girls

A while back I noticed a couple of the artists I follow posting drawings of people and tagging  #FrenchGirls with a peculiar, seemingly nude, hairy cancer stick holding fellow beneath. Cat-like in nature, my curiosity was enticed! As quickly as my stubby thumbs would allow, I was off to the App Store! FREE….wait, really? Most free art Apps have been less than useful for me personally….Nonetheless, as two people were actively posting from this app I decided why not try……

Well….I am hooked. Of course I soon discovered that if you want more than these basic colors that the app comes with; 

You have to purchase them at 99¢ per pack.

 After the entire Zynga Draw Something/Art With Friends fiasco the money and over 1k drawings that are essentially being thrown away, I have been less apt to use money for these applications.  

Yet my inner artist was screaming at me, “Do it!” 

I broke the bank. I bought one color pack; 

And I bought the opacity tool; 

I quickly learned that you cannot just draw anyone as if a user deletes their selfie your drawing will be seen by none…..other than yourself! 

I have fallen in love with this silly App….and I am horrible at portraits. I think in all my years I have only done one I actually even remotely like……like of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. 

And this was with a full color palette and tools. (Drawn in the SketchClub app NOT in French Girls) 

 I find the limited resources in French Girls refreshing and challenging. Although many amazing artists who are members can do spot on realism, I have taken the fantastical cartoon route. 

If you can ignore the immaturity of some users and their propensity to draw phallic objects, and like the challenge of drawing others…or perhaps like having yourself drawn, this is a wonderful little app!! 

French Girls Website

A few of the doodles I have done:

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